Lego: Marvel Avengers


So I’ve had the game about 2 days now (early copy) :wink: And I’ve gotta say it’s actually a ton of fun…anybody who’s a marvel fan should definitely check it out!


You mean Lego Marvel Super Heroes right? That game is a ton of fun :smiley:
O…Or did they… Make another?


Are you talking about the sequel? I know a sequel to the first is coming out, based on Age of Ultron. The first one was a blast. :smile:

I almost unlocked every character. I want the sequel.


@RickSanchez @ToiletWraith

this is a new one, I got it a couple days ago. I think the official release is today (monday) it spans across 7 of the movies so it’s packed full of goodies and a ton of fun!


Oh, jeez, I gotta get that :smiley:
…Eh… I wonder if its on steam .-.


Maybeeeee?? I not know how steam works >_<


It is on steam, yay :smiley:


Get it now!!! Like right now!!! It actually does a great job at following the movies to a T, and they kept the dialogue too.


I will!
…When I get money ;_;


You need the moniez?!? Have allllll the moniez in da wurld!


I LOVED the dialogue in the first one!!!
The puns are so funny. XD


I am unsure as to wither I should get this for the kids or not…on one hand they both like Lego and superhero’s on the other they just got Lego dimensions from Santa at Christmas.


I haven’t played that one, but I know there’s a ton to do. If they are still pretty occupied with that then I would hold off. There is a LOT of content in this one so keep that in mind. I’ve been playing for hours now and just finished the first part of it.
If they can hold off on it then I would say wait a little.


Lego games are so awesome got the jurrasic world one preferred it over the movie :wink:


I’m still waiting for my M-rated Rick and Morty Lego game.


I’ve been trying to get into these lego games. I miss collectathons and these seem like they’re up my alley.

How’s the content in this one?


My mother owns every single one of the Lego games and has completed them all 100%. It is the only game series she’ll play. Only one I’ve liked was the Star Wars 3. Clone wars, I think.