Lego Kraken (Krank)


So I have finals the rest of this week on a final schedule, and I got home at 11:20 today. So for the past 5 hours, I have been working on my Lego Kraken. Given it’s 85% done, It’s coming along well enough to show an almost finalized version.

Here da pics:



#Walking on all 4s:

#Flying (sorta)

#Other side


#Face with mouth open.

I still need to beef up his legs, and rework the tail since it’s not what I want yet.

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I love it! I must build one when I get home!


This…is…BADASS!! I love it!


now we must build some minifigure hunters!


Damn thats some next level lego skill right there.


I always wanted to be able to build something that amazing


Oh man, I’d love to have me this! Don’t suppose you have an instructional or parts list?


I can create one if you really want. I just need to reverse engineer it, and I was born doing that.


What is the aprox. cost of the pieces?


I dunno. I just buy Lego sets, sort the peices and build. I don’t buy peices individually because the cost for shipping. But by Lego sets standards, $50-$80 USD.


If you create instructions, I’d be eternally grateful…


Dudeeeeee you should make all the monsters. Like, that’d be next level holy crap omg so sick awesomeness!

I really just want Legorgon ;-;


I would like to see Legowraith and Legohemoth :slight_smile:
I’ll buy ten of 'em.





Legohemoth that rolls up…

Take my money!!


When Sempai (@GrizzleMarine) notices you instead of me…



Beautiful. I’ve been wanting something like this for some time now. Maybe when you’re at a better place with this, you could do other monsters?