Lego Evolve


I know this could never happen but the thought of Evolve in a lego game format made me laugh I needed to share it just because how ridiculous lego games go to avoid blood


Only and only if they include a “create your monster” mode!


That would be fun


I would love to see that…Lego versions of all the hunters and monsters. Somebody on here recently made a Lego Kraken that was amazing and I want to build it myself but I lost track of who! It was amazing. Totally want it, and all monsters done in Lego.

Also, I know this isn’t what you mean by Lego Evolve but here is this if you haven’t seen it yet:


Yours truly.

(I am now working something Emet related.)


Wildlife pack: 2 Reavers, Two striders, a Mammoth bird, and a LEGO tree.

Ebonstar battle pack: 3 Ebonstar Soldiers, 1 Ebonstar field captain, and a Hover vehicle built for two.

Monster Minion pack: 1 goliath minion, and a monster egg built to fit the minion in.

Laurie Ann: Bucket’s head, Cabot, Parnell, and Abe minifigures, along with the Laurie Ann and some of the other Hunter’s gear!

Skirmish at the Fusion Plant: 1 stage Goliath, Markov, Val, Maggie, and Hank minifigs, along with a Small bit of the Fusion Plant(includes three ARC mines, 3 Harpoon Traps, two Ebonstar Soldier bodies, A fire, and a destroyed small ATV.)

A Dam good battle: level 2 Kraken, Griffin, Hyde, Bucket, and Lazarus and a piece of the Dam’s river (Includes some Foliage, three of Bucket’s sentry guns, and a LEGO Nomad.)

Distillery Deathmatch: Level 2 Wraith, Parnell, Abe, Caira, and Cabot minifigs, and the platform the Fusion core is on (includes Fusion Core, the ship, and 2 Ebonstar bodies.)

More will be added.


I can see all of these.