Legitimate concern about Kala


Question for the Devs. Now, Teleport Pads obviously teleport hunters over pretty sizable distances. But what happens if a Trapper in a dome with a monster teleports out? Does the dome stay up? Does it come back down? If it comes back down, what if he only left by accident? I just see some major cheesing potential with this. Not calling OP or anything of the sort, this is just a legitimate concern I have that I’m sure you guys remedied in play testing.


If trapper isn’t in the dome the dome will drop after a few seconds.
That system is already in place. :stuck_out_tongue:


Still? I was under the impression that that went away with one-second domes.


I don’t think it did.


I’d tag some Devs and post the questions here:

Maybe they’ll answer it on the stream today.


Still in, tested it in Evac, and the dome dropped.


They won’t ever get rid of that system, there’s no reason for them to get rid of it when it will stop any future exploits.


Yeah, I don’t think it was ever removed because of the evacuation mode potential for abuse.


Starts: 41:56 Skip to 42:30 if you want to cut to the chase.

I’m pretty sure they changed it, though.


Are her abilities stated yet I’m offshore and the wifi is horrible plus everything’s blocked so I can’t watch anything…and I wanna know what she does!!! Plz help me lol


The main topic has a list of her abilities.


Sorry to bug ya but can I get a link?



She fires Banshee Mines called Siren Missiles, she has teleport pads, and she has some kind of beam from her hand that we THINK is a damage dampener.


It’s confirmed on their main website page.


Correction: she fires Banshee’s called Siren Missiles, has Teleport Pads, and has an Armor Reducer that literally gets rid of armor for a short time.


Kala + WMags + Torvald + RVal = OP thread


no the question is whats the red beam do


Its already been answered. It removes the armor of the monster while the beam is active. In other words, it allows all damage to bypass armor while the beam is being used.


that sound boosheet
well byby wraith and goliath