Legitadventurer's micro patch notes


Evolve. Great micro patch. Some much needed fixes. In my personal opinion, as a Torvalt player, I think his mortars need more of a nerf. They still come back to fast. I think that slim got a well needed buff. He is the worst medic, imo.

Few questions, I see that you fixed Cabot’s damage amp beam to hit, instead of the bugginess it was giving when close to the monster. I feel the same kind of bugginess when I’m playing with markov and his lightning gun. Maybe that needs a buff as well? Unless that’s intentional. Because Torvalt gets a lock on his mortars when up close and personal with the monster. Idk if this is intentional or not?

Last thing, with the new buff behemoth is able to more or less roll right through Griffin’s harpoon with his new speed buff making his harpoon gun kind of pointless.

Thank you for the great game. I hope you enjoy and read the feedback

I posted this to the Facebook page as well. Kudzu wanted to see what the turtlerock community thought about my thoughts


Just to make sure your notes don’t get lost, would you mind sharing them here?