Legit Lazarus Nerf Idea


I’ve been seeing a lot of tension over Lazarus, its like 2 sides that can never find a solution. My idea is that he cant use his device until the hunter is dead, this will force the players to either accept a strike or risk letting that hunter die, depending on how that present battle is going. I think this would be more fair for monster players, as well as making it more challenging and easier for Lazarus. The monster would be less worried about being punished by camping a hunter that is still alive and more worried about pressuring the team into making their decision about the downed hunter. Thanks for looking into it.


He doesn’t need a nerf of any kind. Lazarus is strong against players that don’t understand how he functions and those monsters that cannot control the pace of a fight. He is weak against anyone that has an understanding of how to prioritize targets, understands what he brings/doesn’t bring to a team. Realistically any decent monster player will take advantage of his inability to be proactive in a fight.

People need to stop saying he needs a nerf, he is the least played of the medics because his unique play style forces the team overall to have a different strategy going into a match other than face tank damage, let slim/caira/val heal through it.

If anything he needs his cloak to last longer or be a toggle ability with no time limit.


He’s shit against every decent monster out there, he does not need to be nerfed. I’d say he just needs to be completely readjusted. he needs to become viable against strong players without becoming OP.


After we nerf Lazarus we can nerf Bucket.


Nerf Lazarus??? 0_o He is mostly useless againts decent monsters, seeing a thread like this is very rare, I actually get happy when I’m monster and I see Lazarus on the hunter’s team lol


If at all, Lazarus would need a buff. He isnt viable against good monsters. However you could only “fix him” with destroying his playstyle, so let him be where he is. Its fine.
Lazarus will stomp on bad/unexperienced Monsters, and the hunters will get stomped if the Monster is experienced.


Preventing strikes is the entire reason for Lazarus’ kit.

He’s also the easiest medic to counter, and the riskiest to bring since his healing abilities are very minor and require him to be in proximity to the person needing healing. Other medics can keep hunters in a fight longer, but Laz is built around keeping the team viable through each stage.

Laz is the highest risk for the highest reward, and if anything needs some buffs or tweaks; nerfing him or removing his strike removals would be tantamount from just removing him from the game entirely.


Laz is UP. He only got chance against Behemoth since he is slow and rockwall is garbage. Against other monsters he is pretty much useless.


I would have to disagree, right now a decent monster know that any lazarus player is going to want to revive a fallen team mate incapped or dead but does not have the long range means to do so. If Laz waits too long the player will die and 60% of the time the body will eaten. He’s not a hard medic to counter


Yes, let’s nerf the weakest medic. Brilliant idea.


I’m a monster player and I agree with you like seriously what’s next? Next thing ya know they’d want the graphics to be nerfed because they’re too pretty xD


Laz forces the team to punish monster, or to effectively protect their medic… That’s why he’s not chosen.
He basically forces a strong team play…


I both love and despise playing against Laz. On one side Laz is like a little mosquito that buzzes around and finally stings me when I’m not looking, leading to some frustrating matches; however, its amazing just how easy it can be to wreck a team if Laz doesn’t show up to the table (or tries anyways.)

I feel Laz needs a buff and it should be to his device’s range. Its too easy to predict a Laz to run right up to body and just about any monster ability has the AoE to easily distrupt Laz and punish him. You don’t even need to be aware of Laz: just start chucking abilities or spamming melee on a body once Laz disappears from view. If Laz had any kind of range to his device, hell even the capacity to use it in water, it would make Laz much more effective and much harder to camp a body.


I would like the cloak to last eithe Eli fee or have a shorter cool down or maybe make it so that his footprints and jet pack can’t be seen while he is invisible


I’ve had a lot of success with Laz teamed with Torvald. Torvald benefits from even more weakpoints, and can easily make the area as dangerous for the monster as the monster makes it for Laz.


This is wrong. Behemoth is a hard counter against laz, the same with kraken. Goliath is normal counter. Wraith is the best monster for laz to go against. The rock wall, while buggy, still is good, unless u have such bad luck that it keeps getting buggy. Behemoth has lots of battlefield control wich is good to use to prevent laz from using his device. The only thing laz has against behemoth is that behemoth is slow, even then that’s only when behemoth walks normally. Ur thinking from a narrow perception


The monster that has the most struggle to counter laz is wraith cause that would normally require wraith to stay at a certain spot wich isn’t ideal for wraith


Nerf laz? Oh this thread makes me giggle. If anything he needs a buff. It takes a very skilled player to best an experienced monster at the moment, he deserves a buff.


But laz already has a general tough time to receive teammates


Decoy is good for body camping. Doesn’t work all the time though.