Legendary Status?


So I was thinking, since Evolve has been out for 1 year :boom::sparkles::birthday: we should have legendary status.

If you have elited an entire class, tier 1-3, you have a the ability to get legendary status on the different characters. It has very tough challenges but if you finish it, you get a big bonus, a skin, and a purple flag with a golden crown on it???



This… Is genius!


Amazing idea really hope it actually happens :smiley:


legendary monster & trapper reporting in.


I like the idea but there are a few issues for me personally. Im a day one player, ive had nothing but love for this title and play every week. But out of all the original three characters for each class there was at least one tier I didn’t really like to play as. For assault it was parnell. When I was support I almost never picked cabot. I tried griffin for awhile but he just wasn’t my style. And I do not like the burden of medic and I really just didn’t like any of them until slim and emet showed up. Emet was the first medic I decided I liked the character so I would learn to use him should the need arise and I always liked slims playstyle of leeching damage to heal the team and his 100 meter healing potential is great. Still have little to no interest in using the other members of the class. I am not a very good kraken so his abilities are sitting at two stars amd I have just never cared for the wraith so for the longest time behemoth and goliath were my only monsters, thankfully gorgon changed that.


This is an interesting idea, although maybe not some stat changes but a different skin with different badge options would be badass.

I like this idea overall though, A+


Legendary everything reporting in.

If TRS were to give away things for vets, I think a tiered approach would be neat, with better rewards for those who’ve played longer. Dunno if they could track that though.

Otherwise it’d be cool if a list of in-game achievements was implemented, like Destiny did, where completing or having already completed these feats could get you swag. I.E.
-Win/Complete a full Evac as a Monster/Hunter
-Win against each Monster
-Win as each Monster
-Elite one Monster/Hunter
-Elite one full class tier



They could add 3 different skins for hunters: Full tier elite (has character silhouette), full class elite (has class logo) and all hunters elite (has the Evolve logo on it).


I like this idea.


Really good idea :smiley_cat:


legendary monster right here for now anyway


Would this work like Prestige does in COD? If so yes make it happen!!!

Edit: Also the skins should be the Beta elite skins.


how about possibly animated skins for getting legendary like a goliath with a animated fire skin on him


idk, we should wait for next patches. For what devs hinted, it seems they are doing something with masteries, so… lets wait a bit to see what’s next.


What do you mean legendary status? Do you mean they get to get a free elite on another character?

I like the idea of a purple flag/other icon but only if they’ve elited an entire class in the 1-3 tier. Possibly a new icon if you’ve elited every Hunter in a class in tier 1-5 including variations.


not a free elite…

In order to get Legendary Status, they must Elite tier 1-3, then legendary challenges are unlocked…

Once you complete the legendary challenges for that character, you get legendary status on that character…


there was a thread on this not long ago,

many people had mixed feelings about prestiging… But not close to my idea lol


What would the legendary challenges be?


-begins alotting time to get legendary skins for all Monsters that have it-


I love this idea the only problem is that I never really elited any of the character as I only grind if I like the character like kala and laz and wl maggie close to getting lennox and jack