Legalization of marijuana?


The notorious “4/20” holiday for stoners has passed, I wanted to know what the TRS community thinks about the legalization of marijuana, I personally think it should be legalized, even though I don’t smoke it. Scientifically it isn’t near as bad as alcohol and we all know how addictive and bad it really is. I do think though, it shouldn’t be abused like alcohol is, because you can end up “burnt out” or “permablunted” for those of you who know what that is. I’m just curious to everyone’s standpoint on it whether it is: moral,religious or whatever the reason.


I dont see this thread staying very civil lol. But on topic, i dont smoke weed either but i would love for it to be legal.


Eh, its still unhealthy, but I am somewhat libertarian in the idea that you should be able to do anything you want to yourself on your own property. I really couldnt care less what people do if they keep it to themselves.


I feel that this thread could go down in a blaze of glory.


Considering I’ve smoked for about 15 years now and I have absolutely no medical problems from it.
It’s a great way to relieve stress, and treat certain illnesses.
100% for it.


Where I live it IS legal, and so far the sky has remained intact. So, whatever.


There’s nothing unhealthy about eating or vaping it…



That’s all


My stance? I really don’t care. I have a very close friend who smokes weed, and he does a lot better in college than I do, so it can’t be the worst thing for you. I’m still not gonna go out of my way to get involved with weed though.

For medical purposes though, I am all for it.


many places in the world do not care if you have a small personal amount on you. It’s the big guys they do not like. America is one of the places where they have a 0 tolerance in most places with it.

And America is suppose to be about freedom, not prohibition.

You cannot regulate or control something that is A) illegal and B) Wanted by the population. Mobsters showed us that with alcohol. Mexican and other drug lords show us that with marijuana and other drugs. If you make it legal, you can both regulate it and control it. On top of that, you can now tax it and create jobs from it.

What is the difference when someone comes home from whatever and has a bottle of wine? Or a few beers or other alcoholic drinks? Or…heaven forbid, a joint? I do not see much of a difference in any of these other than personal preference.


Havent seen any change since its been legal.


I have. Tons and tons and tons of tax dollars are coming in when some states were getting close to the red. And gas stations probably are making a little more on chips now too :smile:


I meant negative. Also, less crowded jails.


Touche, very much less jail crowding.


I’m personally against it but I won’t decide what’s best for others and their sense of enjoyment. Though there HAS to be hefty fines included if you’re caught under the influence while driving. It’s been proven to impair driving, so If I ever was to be rear ended and I found out the dude was spunked out by some weed…God I don’t know what I’d do…


There’s political forums for this guys xD


We just changed driving while intoxicated to driving under the influence. Basically, if you are high, drunk, sedated, cracked out, or impaired by any drug it is illegal and the same.



Though I feel that by allowing millions to able to smoke it freely on foot, I wonder how many will be daring enough to drive while impaired.

Oh I can see the swamps full of dui’s…


Well, my state went from 42,000 duis in 2009 to 28,000 duis in 2014.


Well you’re a moderator :wink: You of all people have the power to decide whether it’s a topic suitable for a forum about a videogame.