Legacy Variant Character Bug


Been playing legacy, and for some reason the ‘variant’ characters - Meteor Goliath, Elder Kraken, Blitz Markov, Wasteland Maggie, Tech Hank, Rogue Val - aren’t available for me to select. I had them all both in legacy and in stage 2, and the game still has all my mastery data and skins - and still seems to be keeping this information even after an uninstall/reinstall. Others have access to these characters, so it’s not just the game itself - it’s something about my configuration and character data. Any idea where this information is being stored or how I can fix this? I would enjoy having the additional character options to play around with again.


It seems like other people are having this problem too:

SO far I haven’t come across any official fix, and I don’t think TRS has the capacity to fix this. This might solely be on 2Ks end and we all know how well they treated S2.


Huh. Since there’s no server to speak of, I’m guessing it’s a player data issue - not sure what files hold your masteries/skins/characters/etc, but that’s probably where it is. Do you know of anyone that has done some digging into where those files are? It doesnt seem to be under steam at all, as it survives uninstalls.


it has been my experience that it resolves itself over time.


Thus far it’s been pretty constant for me - 100% of the time over multiple days.

I don’t know if this is related, but on starting the game it spends a VERY long time attempting to sign in while the intro video plays. It always ends up failing, but it tries for quite a while.


I was a Legacy and Stage 2 player. While on S2 (while servers were up) I went back to Legacy and all my variants were locked and un-accessible as they are for you now. Made no sense to me seeing as I’ve had them all prior. The only way I was able to resolve the fix was to contact 2K with a support ticket and they fixed it for me.

I honestly don’t know if there any other fixes nor do I think 2K will do anything to help anymore as they no longer support the game even though they own the IP.


Thats happend to me to… The only thing you can really do is wait for it to rectify on its own. Sometimes when I show up Elder might still be locked or Gorgon will not be on the selection screen… Stuff like that.


I’ve never not had all of the ‘normal’ characters show up - all the monsters through Gorgon, assaults through Lennox, trappers through Jack, Supports through Kala, Medics through EMET.

It seems strange that it even COULD somehow fix itself - that would imply either that the game is managing to access /something/ when it calls out that causes different behavior, or that it’s always running the same files but a bug is making it sometimes work and sometimes not.

I’ll probably follow what Epex said and email 2k anyway to see if they’ve got some canned solution they can give me with zero effort or if they end up rejecting the ticket immediately.

Absent some means to connect to a 2k server and fix this, the only thing I see remaining is somehow trying to find where the information about my masteries, skins, characters, etc is stored - and either mange to tweak it, delete it so I can start fresh with all characters and build up my masteries again, or get information from other players to fix the problem. As I am not the only person with this issue, if we find a fix it will potentially benefit a lot of players.