Legacy Tournament Xbox: Leave a Legacy



Yo. It’s Ya boy putt putt. Theres a Legacy Tournament on Sunday, the 28th . I’ve put this tournament together myself we currently have around 35ish players (possibly more). If you’re interested it’s a bragging rights tourney for the best in Legacy Evolve. Add or message me at GT Bigdaddyputtputt if interested.

So currently we have around 4 teams confirmed and some free agents. I’m posting rules brackets and such on the forums.

Tournament Details:
At 3:00 pm Sunday the 28th
Bracket is TBD after all teams sign up
No Prize (I’m about to be a poor college student)
Atmosphere: Competitive (At least 3 or 4 of these teams are really good. Anyone can join and play because evolve is always fun. However, this tournament will crown the best team in legacy.)
Who can join? Anyone can join on Xbox. Either message me (bigdaddyputtput) your whole team, or message me a GT and class preference. Please preference at least 2 classes there really arent that many people who play all 4 well. I wont be able to message you back for a day or so I reached my message limit setting this up.
I will post teams as they appear when I have time.



4-7 Players per team. At least 1 monster and 4 hunters. Reserves server the purpose of being able to play different monsters and hunters if teams believe that gives them an advantage.
Seeding: I will randomly seed the teams that I collect.
No Elder Kraken
Best of 3 opening rounds
Semifinals and Finals are Best of 5
Consolation bracket for losers of games.
Game Starting Procedure
Lower Seeded Team chooses either map or side (Monster or Hunter).
Higher seeded Team chooses the remaining.
Maps are picked from map pool (below)
Game Rules
No Elite Wildlife
15 Min Games
1:30 Dropship
Fair Weather
Picks and Bans
Monster bans 1 hunter
Hunters Pick Support
Monster Picks Monster
Hunters Pick Medic, Trapper, Assault
Play the game
Following Rounds
In a best of 3 teams switch sides and repeat the above procedure and play the same map.
In best of 3 the tiebreaker map is picked by whoever picked the side before and side is picked by whoever picked map. There are no bans for tiebreaker and characters can be repeated.
In best of 5 sides do not switch after the first match and the losing team picks the map. None of the same characters can be played that round.
They switch after that match and the same two maps are played on opposite sides.
Best of 5 tiebreaker map is always picked by the lower seeded team. The higher seeded team picks side. There are no bans for tiebreaker and characters can be repeated.


Do you have a caster?


Is this CST?


No we’re looking for a caster


zeratul787 I’ll talk with him later or you could . He always talked about casting.


Yeah whoever would be great I know @SuperBadJuJu does a great job