Legacy tips for Meteor Goliath


Hey guys, as most of you may know, I main Meteor Goliath. However, when I use him against good teams, I get zero to two strikes on the Hunters, so I use OG Kraken when going up against good teams. But I don’t want to have to hope for a team that isn’t that good to play Meteor. I want to be able to take Meteor against a good team and win. I want to be that Meteor player who they fear, even at Stage 1. I want people to dread seeing me as Monster in their lobby.

I take CDR as my perk. My ability build is;
Stage 1: 1 LS 1 FB 1 Charge
Stage 2: 2 RT 1 LS 2 FB 1 Charge
Stage 3: 2 RT 2 LS 3 FB 2 Charge

At Stage 1, I wanted to have abilities that allowed me to attack on the go. I’m stationary with Rock Throw. At Stage 2, I used to only put one point in RT and put two in Charge for extra mobility to get to Stage 3 faster, but now I’ve decided to put two in RT for the extra damage. At Stage 3, I max out FB because it’s a quick damage dealer, has a short cooldown, I can move, leap, and climb while using it, and it’s easy to aim and hit Hunters with. Plus the range is really good. I then put the rest of my points in LS and Charge since I’ve already invested two points in RT. Who I focus first depends on the Support and Medic. If the Support is someone other than Bucket, I’ll focus them first. If the Medic is Laz, then I’ll focus him first. After the Support and Medic are dead, then I’ll go after the Assault and Trapper. But if a Hunter is begging for me to attack them or has less than half their health, I’ll get them down and then change my focus back to my original target.

Reminder: I am on console, so I can only play Legacy Evolve, not Stage 2.


Against good teams I was always cautious about this. Any good team is going to c…rock-block those rock throws the majority of the time and ensure they rarely get their target. I preferred points into leap and fire breath. I almost always maxed out leap smash to get the huge radius at stage 3- which made it hard to avoid, and firebreath cant be dodged so that was always a safe bet. If im recalling i didnt bother much with charge as the damage didnt scale much with more points? At least compared to the other abilities… By stage 3 i was almost always 3 rock, 3 leap, 2 fire, 1 charge (3 into rock meant even if blocked, the damage bonus meant whoever dived in on it would be hurting- and could be a possible focus target)

Been awhile since i played legacy, but i THINK this was my train of thought…


It wildly varies based on their abilities and composition… but generally…

1 point Leap, 1 point Charge, 1 point FB
1 point Rock, 1 point Leap, 1 point charge, 3 points FB
3 points Rock, 2 points Leap, 1 point charge, 3 points FB

Thats pretty safe, but you need to land Dem Rocks…


I have only had Hunters attempt to rock block me once. Does Fire Breath’s range increase when you put points into it? Also don’t the rocks in Legacy have a high direct damage (like 500 or 600) and a low splash damage (like 200 or 300)? The Assault’s shield would take the brunt of the hit and the Hunter I’m focusing would only take the splash damage.

I have a question about this: why put max out FB at Stage 2 instead of getting it to two points so you can put an extra point in Rock or Leap? You could have 2 Rock and 2 Fire or 2 Leap and 2 Fire at S2.


Yes, FB gets more range when increasing it with points.

I don’t necessarily follow the same build but I would assume it’s because you want to get to stage 3 with the most amount of health. Stronger FB helps this because it can spread everywhere causing disorientation reducing incoming damage, prevents roaching and helps murder food to get you to evolve quicker. Generally with the Goliaths unless someone takes a Leap/Charge/Rockthrow combo they aren’t going down anyway. And if you are downing them with that, then chances are they prally aren’t that good.


As Cow explained already- Yep it does. It also gets a bit wider too, so its easier to hit. And yea, rocks in legacy have more direct damage (it was shifted to a bit more in to the splash for stage 2 to make it less detrimental to miss a direct rock, but then OG was brought back this way to help with the rock blocking where MG kept the split to differentiate him a bit)- which is why rock blocking was an even bigger problem.

However, if theyre not blocking rocks- Go for it. Maybe keep the tactic in mind when making build decisions instead? If you see them block rocks early, dont pump it up early- If theyre oblivious to the idea, go nuts with em?


What he said. Fb is good for deployables and keeping ranged pressure on multiple Hunters if you miss a leap or a rock. If you miss both… Then… Welp…


Yeah that’s what I’ll do I guess. I’ve put the things in this thread on my phone.