[Legacy] Switching from Stage 2 to Legacy prevents the access to the variations



Now that Stage 2 is not playable anymore (except solo), people are going to install Legacy, but I bet that a lot won’t have the variations available like in my case.


I’m in the same situation as you, i cannot choose the variations anymore (Elder Kraken, Metheor Goliath, Blitz Markov …). So, it seems there is no solution for this problem, or won’t ever will be? :frowning:


My best guess is no, there will not be any updates or fixes. But it can’t hurt to submit a support ticket to 2K.


Hey Dova, Did Legacy Servers come back up?


No, multiplayer is still unavailable.


Ok i’ve done this and sent a Ticket! Let’s see if there can still be any help from 2K … i don’t understand really, because i always had everything, im a PC Monster Race Edition Owner. Don’t understand why the variations are suddenly gone in legacy … :confused:


I have the same issue but my alt account that doesn’t even own evolve can access the variations


lol, wtf. This is ridiculous … i want my variations back … why some people are able to choose them, and others don’t…and i spend many money for the PC Monster Race Edition at the release. 2K should respond to this issue … @[Wes] you helped us with 2K and the legacy servers… Is it possible you would be so kind and ask them what is going wrong with the variations ? It seems at last they are reading what you write to them. My Support Ticket is not being aswered :confused:


guys i just re installing evolve stage 2 again… to unlock the variations (ive bought pc master race)… do you think its still possible?

i dont find any other evolve version in my bib


Stage 2 is dead. Like stab in the heart dead.


why can i still start the installation in my steam tho?

i wonder if i can unlock all the stuff for my coins…


Well the game wasn’t like erased or anything. It’s just that the servers were shut down several days ago.


It’s been since the 5th that I’m waiting for a response from 2K’s customer care, at least I found someone who’s HUMAN and not the kind of automated mail like 2 years ago when the development has stopped.


I wouldn’t expect a better answer if I was you.


Unless we can find a way to get the variations back don’t expect 2k to fix it. This is there response:

Thank you for contacting 2K Support, I am sorry to hear that you are missing your Adaptation Skins for Legacy Evolve. Unfortunately, due to the server shutdown we do not have the tools to assist you for this case.

I apologize if this was not the response you were hoping to get and since there isn’t much I can do for this case, I will be closing this ticket as a result.

If you have any other inquiries regarding any 2K product, don’t hesitate to let me know!


No, I got something that looks like “We’re working for a solution to help you, I’ll get you in touch on this ticket.” than what you said above.

If the guy manages to help me, then he’ll deserve to be paid by the company, not like the one who decided the shutdown.


Goddamit that sentence is triggering me so much.


I don’t really tihnk it’s allowed by 2K to show their mails. But glad to see you got your skins and variations back.


Well its only a short extract from the whole message, and with no imformations about the employee who helped me. Only wanted to tell you guys it is possible to get your variations back.


At least we have some informations thanks to you, but I still fear your share of the mail.
Edit: You can edit your message, it’s not really necessary to delete the whole post.