[Legacy] Switching from Stage 2 to Legacy prevents the access to the variations



I had made a post in a similar thread asking how to fix this issue (that probably a lot of people had met).

The above thread had been closed, so I got no one to say “hey, I know how to fix it!” or “I’ll ask someone who knows how to solve that.” or “Do you think this method could work?”.

Sooo…does anyone has some kind of method to solve this issue?


Wait you mean the last time you played (a year ago), you had no variations for the characters (this is all for legacy). Have you checked recently?


Exactly. But I haven’t checked since then, Sledge is going to rally everyone for a last play on Stage 2 and I don’t want to miss that. Downloading Legacy will take too much time (and it’s currently 4 am as I write).


Um, well I suggest checking? Lol.


sigh Fine, I download Legacy, but Legacy is bigger than Stage 2 so it’ll take a lot of time to download.
It shows 40.3 GB of download.


Holy crap really? Well I think 2 days should be okay right? P


I’d have to let my computer run the whole night to check Legacy.
Edit: nevermind, it’ll take 10 minutes.


Oh…well um. I don’t really have anything to say lol. I guess best of luck? I know how horrible download speeds can feel.


I’m glad that I have a new computer, I can download 40GB of data in only 10 minutes!
Anyway, if I don’t have the variations, I’ll report it here with a video.


:rofl: 10 minutes and a whole night is a pretty big difference!


I had memories of the Free weekend (September 2015), the day I bought the game. It took me a whole night to download it because we didn’t have the optic fiber for internet. Now I can install super fast with the optic fiber and even faster with a new computer.

Edit: I am still missing the variations. Here’s the video.


I got the game through Xbox live gold last year.


Sorry I can’t watch YouTube. Maybe you can ping someone else?


Mmmh…how about @MaddCow?
Edit: Sledge recommended to ping @skills4u2envy since she’s a dev of the game.


You might have better luck reaching out to 2K support as they will probably still have access to the back-end tools to regrant any missing Legacy stuff.

Once the servers are down, there won’t be much they’ll be able to do.

I don’t think any TRS member has the ability to grant stuff anymore, as literally ‘everything’ involved with an IP gets transferred over.


Someone I know has done the same thing and the 2K support has not found any solution. Now she’s missing not only the variations but also the skins she bought pre-Stage 2.
I’m not asking to be “granted” but to find a solution how to fix the issue.


Different road, same end result.

I’m sure your friend probably just got a support agent who didn’t know any better, in those cases it’s better to push back (while mentioning that other players have gotten their stuff back before). Heck, mentioning that you want to speak to someone higher-up usually helps.

I still suggest to do it either way before that option disappears. I understand you’re not a big fan of 2K, but I feel this is still the best option for you.


To do the same as she did? That’s not what I call a different road.


I mean finding a fix for the problem OR have support add the stuff will lead in the end to the same end result of you having your stuff back.

However, I’m uncertain whether you’ll be able to fix it, whereas support can definitely help you.


I know there are some people who don’t have to deal with this issue when I played Legacy last year, but I don’t know if it’s because they had the issue and knew how to fix it, or because they did not get any issue.