Legacy players?


So how many other alpha/beta players still play to this day, just curious.
Regards, Radicator


I’m on console but I don’t play Legacy, I’m just patiently waiting for Stage 2 on consoles.


I would actually play it very often but being forced to download 40GB every single time just isn’t worth it for me.

Plus, I’d be stuck with bots since no one plays Legacy, so…


I have, started on console, moved to PC


Still playing on console - have 5-15 friends permanently online who play Evolve on a regular basis. I am seeing loads of low ranked players in quickplay by the way.

I guess a lot of us who were active in the forums have retired from their forum participation as a result of disappointment and the fact that there is nothing for us console players to discuss about anymore…but still people are playing despite “Stage 2 console screwjob” :wink:


I rly feel bad for console players, but trust me the wait will be worth it ^^


I don´t expect anything! So I cannot trust your words that the wait will be worth it as the probability of the outcome (console release) cannot be measured :wink: thanks for your sympathy anyway, bro! I guess after almost two months emotions have been cooled down with disenchantment still left. I still read almost every thread about stage 2, watched tons of twich gameplay as I love this game so much - and the more I observe the better I feel with playing legacy as I have never been a fan of some major changes which suppose to make the game easier to pick up for a bigger population, but on cost of critical brand recognition!

So everything is more or less fine on my side :wink: have a good one and happy hunting!


I’m still here. Never got into the alpha or beta, even though I wanted to badly, but did preorder and play from day 1


Me and @Nas where both alpha/beta players and still play to this day.

I remember a time where you could leave three banshee mines at the spawn to incap a hunter as they dropped as well as a wraith that could traverse while cloaked.

We is on xbone btw


Me and my friend still play the game. We stopped for a while because of the low amount of players but this rebirth is a great thing to the game :slight_smile:


I’ve been around since the big alpha, never left :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing since the steam beta. Ordered evolve the day after, and have been playing ever since.


I’m here since alpha, haven’t played much though.
In legacy the ridiculous dlc’s as well as lack of ability to group up as 5 friends scared me away after a short while (also 1st failed community challenge, and game not working on latest AMD drivers for about half a year - before I realised it works on older ones I already lost interest).
In stage 2 the gameplay feels waaaaaay too arcade instead of skill demanding like legacy, and that results in my interest lowering each day (broke Lazarus, dome on every class, trappers satelite stuff etc.).
I’m still playing few games from time to time.


Been around since Alpha, could only play since Launch, joined forums after. Still around.


Still here, obviously.

Play pretty regularly still though not as much as I used too. Its not Evolves fault. I’m just busy.

Wishing we would get the console update already. Also sort of dreading it at the same time as I hate some of the changes.


I didn’t hear about evolve until after the beta but I did get the game and all the characters along with sending TRS my soul