Legacy player with a suggestion


I bought the game at Launch, pre ordered it and all and LOVE the game, or rather the direction it was heading. but. . .

Why is no one suggesting multiple game modes? I liked the direction the game was going when they first added the arena mode. I wanted to see more variations to the gameplay, more spins on this formula so everyone could pick the one thats right for them and have fun. The game had the right idea then all it needed was to bring in more players to that formula and going f2p would do that. But instead they go f2p and rework the core game while removing all those other play options.

WHY!? this makes zero sense to me. Why not have a “classic” mode where the trapper is back being the only one with dome and things are one as originally intended, keep in that sudo story mode with the perks based on who won what round, keep arena mode for those just wanting combat, and this new mode that seems to be a focused blend of arena and classic.

Why can’t we have that in the game, it would not only feel more like a full fledged game with all the options who would expect from a AAA release that once cost a full 60 but it will bring more players since more people are likely to find a mode they like! This seems like a no brainer to me.

Right direction is options, the addition of actual character skins was a plus, the currency system seems fair right now and the store offer enough content, all you need to do is restore the missing game modes you threw away and make minor tweaks to each one based on that modes style to keep them balanced. Add in a ranked mode for all the types later after the beta is over and ballance has been addressed. Overwatch didn’t launch with a competitive mode and it worked for them. Keep that tryhard crowd at bay while you perfect the formula then launch it! Do events weekly and ranked seasonal stuff with exclusive rewards and boom you have the formula for a long lasting, fun and competitve f2p game

Bring Back Old Hunt

Going F2P was a giant move on their end, and they weren’t sure how it was going to go. I mean, the free weekend last September only peaked around 9-10,000 players so they didn’t expect to get 50,000 over the weekend.

I know they’ve said the other modes were very hard to balance for so they just wanted to focus on Hunt, which is the life blood of Evolve. You can still play Arena in customs only right now.

If they can hold a steady playerbase like they have so far, there’s demand for it, and they have enough man power, then you never know what will happen in the future :slight_smile:

I like the idea of classic Hunt though, to give these new people a taste of the old way of things.


I see where you are coming from but to look at it simply.

One way got them a peak of 29k Players in a 17 months.

The other almost doubles that in 3 days.

I think they made the right call for Evolve.


My fear is that, with this being a bare bones version of the game all these new players who have never played the game at all before will be getting their first taste here. And honestly its underwhelming in this state and will prob turn more new players off. It feels seriously lacking in content in general and laughable when you consider (again from the perspective of someone who never played before) the game once cost full price.

I think the reason the free weekend didn’t go as well as this, is the same reason the free weekends for all games go overlooked. Most people don’t know about them until the last day of the event or simply don’t want to install a big game to only play for 2 days. I personally have many friends I can’t talk into a free weekend for any game because of that reason. Free to play however is an investment in time and commitment worth the download to them.

As for the balance, why can they not focus on balance on a per game mode basis instead of blanketing the characters across the board? Trappers should play differently in “classic” modes than they do in this new redesign. Instead of trying to find one magic build for the class that works in all game modes. Same with support since they also changed with the redesign.

Have it so each class has basically 2 builds, one for classic modes from before the redesign, and one more action combat focused build for the new stuff (and arena) I just more options as a plus that will attract more people than a minus. No one wants to eat at a restaurant that only has 2 items on the menu lol as long as you avoid enter the esports ranked match mentality until you get the balance there for each mode then its all in good fun and the little “beta” stamp in the corner lets people know things may change and just to have fun. More modes simply means more playtime


Yeah but its not a fair comparison to compare the game modes from the old game to the new as the reason for the player base drop off. What hurt it before, was the price tag. You get a pass on lack of content, day one dlc or too much dlc, and an ever changing updated game with new modes and stuff when your game is free. When its full price and you then you tack on loads of paid dlc and struggle to keep players as you add in game modes and content that they feel should have already been in the game. People who paid then get salty and rage quit, and they leave bad reviews and take the games rep down with them.

The game had a severe lack of content on day one, and after people paid 60 to play it that made it dead on arrival. Same thing happened to Star Wars Battlefront, Street Fighter V, etc. When this happens to a full priced game expect bad press to follow and its an uphill battle from there, when its free to play the reviews are forgiving and tell you to still try it since its free and hope they update the game overtime to stay viable.

Now here we are day one free to play, making the same mistakes they did on day one paid. Lack of content, yeah they have a boom of players due to the pricetag here but this lack of content will get stale fast and they will leave soon just like when the paid players left before.


I think you’re underestimating the impact of the DLC plan Evolve had at launch; I believe that was a bigger turn off to people than lack of content.


It was combination of the two. I worked at gamestop at the time and asked people who traded in the game why they brought it back. Specially since I was suggesting it to everyone lol (against my mangers wishes) some faulted the DLC and hated that but a lot simply said content. They called it a rental as the lack of content meant the game got old fast. No single player story and only a handful of modes to play online in a handful of maps where a huge turn off.


One mode > bigger pool of players > better/faster matchmaking > happy player


That’s true, and something they could do in the future as I said. Their plan right now is perfect IMO.

Evolve is Hunt mode.
Hunt needs to be perfect and bug free, and should be the #1 priority over anything else. If they were working on 3 different game modes at once right now it would divide their focus and people would get very unhappy when bugs weren’t fixed right away.

Like I said, once Hunt is in a healthier place, who knows, maybe they’ll introduce Nest, Rescue or Defend if enough people are saying there aren’t enough modes.

I’m most excited for the map variant in the works :slight_smile:


Thats a short lived high though, as with the original game. That big pool will drain quickly without more content.


Yes and No. Before there would always be threads here about “This isn’t Balanced for Defend” and “Why I hate Defend”. The new model of F2P is going to require fast paced changes, something that balancing among different gamemodes will eat up. There was also the criticism, warranted or not, that the other gamemodes felt tacked on to pad the game and justify the Price.


I disagree. I think it drained because of arena and changing quickplay.


I just fear by the time they get around to added content back this boom of new players will have moved on as they do with so many other f2p games. Move on quickly when the small of content gets stale to them, leave a steam review about how its lacking with a thumbs down and never touch it again. we’ve seen this trend before

And “hunt” right now is barely a hunt at all. Its more like “chase” mode. You pop the planet scanner every 30secs to keep the monster chase going, dome him, and enjoy the fight. I’m getting bored of this much faster than I ever did old hunt mode that actually had the thrill of the hunt and importance/reward of a team that worked like a well oiled machine


I had the opposite experience, I saw many players return to try out the new arena mode when it launched and loved it. Not like the old hunt wasn’t still there to play as well. Most I played with (friends and randoms) felt the areana mode was a good change of pace when you needed a break from hunt or just wanted to hone your combat skills.


I just want to see this game succeed. I love the concept and gameplay. But even Overwatch knew one game mode, no matter how well polished, isn’t enough. They do weekly variants that throw balance out the window and they a fun break from normal gameplay. Maybe do that with the old modes and not care about balance, works in overwatch. Then after you get things balanced bring them back full time in a more serious fashion. They also wasted no time added seasonal content.

The player boom is great but this window of player base population is going to close if you can’t keep the players in game. Another suggestion would be removing pay walls from this free to play model. That kills balance in a game like this generally is instant turn off to new players of free to play games. Think Battleborn here, yeah its a full priced game too but its biggest complaint is characters being locked in a competitive game. All characters should be playable to everyone right off the bat, again think overwatch here. That keeps things balanced and removes the pay wall pitfall that kills a lot of f2p games. Perks, skins, hell maybe even those old gamemodes are great paid content to fund your free game. But not characters, they should all be accessible to everyone in name of balance and player retention


Yea,can’t say I agree with the idea of them removing most of the game. I can see that they want to make what little content they have balanced, but Hunt is not Balanced and it likely never will be unless they actually balance out all the Monsters and Hunters. Though, being an Xbox player I am still waiting on the side lines to try Stage 2 but I don’t think a new perk system and a little extra fluff is going to be enough to keep me around with only 1 game mode, so I think I will be sticking with Legacy.


I don’t care that it’s just Hunt, it’s what most people played before and it’s the most fleshed out game mode. Arena was a viable second mode since it didn’t have issues as much as Rescue or the others.

Also the less game modes the less time you’re waiting in queue for a match to go. I rather have less game modes that’s been developed longer, than a bunch of sub par modes quickly thrown out because that what Evolve was before Stage 2.


None of the stage two content is currently behind a paywall and the devs have stated that they dont plan on making any current or future characters,skins,badges,maps,or perks behind a pay wall.

With that, the only possible form of monatization i can think of them doing would be to make it possible to optionally purchase silver keys so that people with more money than time can expedite the whole process and play the game purely for the sake of playing it instead of haveing to spend their little available time grinding for keys.


I wouldn’t mind if it was just hunt either, but this isn’t hunt. This is something totally new and different than the hunt they designed the game around. This feels more like chase mode, since every thirty secs you know where the monster is. As someone who hunts in real life and enjoys the thrill of stalking my prey, giving me a magic radar every thirty secs is a total buzz kill. This mode is all the action of arena with irritating chases between fights. No actual hunting being done here. It’s arena but not while being a hunt with less hunt. I just don’t see this working as the games bread and butter and only game mode


I assumed that would be how they make money now, buying silver keys to save time.

Pay wall is perhaps the wrong term since you can earn them in game, but my point was having characters locked at all like battleborn (be it behind pay with money or in game whatever) creates balance issues and is deal breaker for many competitive players.