Legacy of kain fans?


Besides bo2 lok was the shit I mean what a story!!! And cool ass characters


I was/am a big fun of the series. Soul Reaver 2 was my highlight of the series, I felt that Defiance was a bit flat for ending the series.


Never got to defiance but I read the story seemed good to me I like how it all ended
Actually planning on putting blood omen on my phone once I get back to decent wifi


You like razel (sure I spelled it wrong) more than kain?


Nah, I like both equally. I just felt that the game was setting up for a much better resolution with all of Kain’s planning and trying to avoid fate/prophecy/time travel etc…


Man what a crazy story tho loved it


The world of LoK was just awesome with all the mythology. Especially loved Raziel in Soul Reaver.



Ten you know whats


Fantastic games. Would love to make a Let’s Play series for them some day.


Amazing games!!! Haven’t played them in years. Now that’s a game that needs and HD remaster.


Not necessarily LoK, but I absolutely loved to play Nosgoth!


Bo2, Lok, MbQX, they all rkted hardcör. LotDDP was g8 fun time, as was LbLbx2. Not as good as the sequel, and MB4K22 was great.

I’m no good with the abbreviations so this is just sarcasm, pardon my kappa. XD


Blablabla 10


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