Legacy i miss you!


So i was just wondering, now that its bin a few days an people are really getting into the swing of things and TRS is getting TONS of new info hourly, now that all you PC players have #STAGEDUP! Is there anything you miss from Legacy Evolve that youd like back in Stage 2?
Im a console player, so i dont have anything to miss yet besides missing out on the beta but atleast im not dealing with the inflation of uncooperative new players and that wraith issue ive read so much about.
So, you guys missing anything yet?
Or is it still too new an shiny to think back on the times of yesterdays?


Tyrants and the other maps. But those are forthcoming.

Otherwise, nope. I loved Legacy Evolve. I’m IN love with Stage 2!


I’m kind of liking being able to just run through a lake without looking for the giant monstrous alligator who wants to eat me, actually.

I miss that little bear badge. The one that waves. You know the one. That was my badge back pre-stage 2, and I can’t seem to unlock it now. Even if I did, I don’t know how I’d unlock the colors I used to have for it. So I miss that little bear badge.


Im glad to hear it!
Not guna lie, your post made me more jealous of you beta runners, but its ok, i kno ill get my time in when it comes to console!
You can look for me, cuz ill be running for the tops of the leader boards on Hyde, an i just want it so bad!!!


Ah yes, tyrants, the sweet sweet delicate tyrants which I hope come back in action because…sometimes you need a nice little health regen when you managed to make it to stage 3 after maybe 3-4 domes and only have 3 bars of health. In such a scenario you are most likely not going to make it.


Nope, nothing. I genuinely believe that Stage 2 is an improvement in every area of the game.


I miss my old badge, too. I used the triceratops head chewing an arm from Hunter’s Quest. I’m guessing it’s unlocked with Hank, but who knows?

Other than that, I miss the other game modes and maps.


Miss the old stealthy gameplay. I like the new gameplay too, but I’d like an option to play the sneaky Hunt mode without the Planet Scan and squishy monsters. :neutral_face:


Um… having rewards and punishment in the gameplay itself. I don’t want a better perk system. I think they’re catering to the people who complained about running simulator and generally people who don’t understand the game. Why did they give up on the trapper? Trapper was amazing, as trapper you can kinda be the shot caller, telling assault where to chase and sticking to the inside of the map. Being the precious cargo in stage 1 battles where the monster is trying to drop the dome. Furthermore, now you don’t need good domes anymore. Monster can’t run around a dome for 5 minutes.

What it feels like to me is they just make it a game of tag, where you’re not trying to find the monster, just trying to catch it. Everyone’s slower now. I don’t agree with the buffed stage 1, I think that learning to get stage 2 without being severely handicapped as monster was a rite of passage. You have learned how to sneak and run, now you have to learn how to FIGHT.

Back to my opening statement, there is no punishment. bad dome for monster? escape with only a couple bars lost. hunters go down? I forgot exactly how long, but like 8 second dropship timer, and 1 strike for 10% hp. more downed health, more downed dmg. All the abilities for monster have huge area of effect now. So… everything is easier for both sides. What, are they trying to emphasize perks and character selection? I thought this was a game about monster hunting. Hunters can just suicide for permanent monster health, and all it costs them is up to 20% hp and a dropship timer that MAXIMIZES at what it once was. Hunter wasn’t op, it was just hard to learn, as was the entire game, and that’s what I loved about it.

Sorry if I’m all over the place, I just don’t agree with stage 2. I think that if you get eaten by a tyrant, you learn to respect it. You don’t remove it from the game… (that’s a metaphor, but can also be taken literally :wink: )


So, did they actually remove tyrants because people were dying to them due to not playing attention?

You know something will go south when a company starts using the word “toxic” in their press-releases. Worth remembering that it was popularised by a company that made a killing by catering to a lowest common denominator. What does it have to do with anything? Nothing really, but makes you think.

Evolve was always a niche game, I don’t think it can succeed by mimicking what mainstream games generally do.

Sorry for the rant. I guess I should see how S2 plays out a bit more, and to wait for inevitable changes to come (well, they did promise to re-introduce missing stuff an keep expanding after all), but dammit…


The only reason given is that the Tyrants are being completely reworked.


is the PC Evolve Stage 2 have mostly good reviews or bad?


What if the tyrant becomes a mini boss battle that you have to fight, or spawns and hunts down the players?

Getting back on topic, I’m loving S2 so far. But I think I miss the feeling you got when you successfully domed the monster, especially in a good area. That sudden mad-dash as the monster tried to run past you and you tried to intercept it, throwing the dome as it nearly escaped only to see those fateful words:



This is still, IMO, the trappers job. Now he can direct someone else to intercept and throw the dome is all.


Tyrants and other maps, as someone said.


Idem for me.


What that guy said


Always thought the replay at the end of the round was a nice thing to have.
Not super important, but it was nice to see where game changing moments happened, who used what ability, or where we went wrong when fighting as monster or hunters.


What do I miss?

Overcoming every battle as monster even though the odds were greatly against me. That feeling of beating a team was stressful as hell though. So I am WAY happier with how it is now :3