Legacy Evolve?


In the patch notes for Evolve Stage 2 they said that people that had previously owned the game through steam would be able to still play the old game modes like Defend and Rescue in what was called Legacy Evolve. Where and how do I access this mode of gameplay?


Legacy Evolve is the old evolve before this update


I believe Evolve Stage 2 and the old Evolve are now considered two separate games, you can’t play the old game modes in the new update.


Legacy Evolve will be available as a beta branch. We’re working on a walkthrough on how to access it.



If you want to play the Legacy version of Evolve, you have to go in your steam’s library and right click the game, click “properties” and then Betas, select the beta you want to play and you have the older version of Evolve.


Just buy a console and play it there.


It would be nice if you could just add the Legacy Game to Steam Without a Storepage and all.
Primal Carnage did this for example and many others too…

So Evolve Stage 2 can have the storepage with all the reviews, the community hub and all and people that are complain about “what is gone” and all can just easy download Legacy and Stage 2 at the same time.


Or, if they gave Stage 2 a new appid we could get new cards and emoticons!


but people would rage so hard if they will get a new store page without the old reviews.


Screw 'em, they’ll rage no matter what and Stage 2 deserves a fresh start with out all the reviews whining about the DLC, which is no longer relevant.

edit, just thought that that could be something to wait for the official launch of Stage 2, after the beta is over.


We want to work on new cards and emoticons! This is on my list :slight_smile:

Evolve trading cards