Legacy Evolve: Serious Poll Question



There’s been mixed feelings while playing Legacy Evolve whether the dropship timer for hunters should be a minute and a half or two minutes. Take into account at 0:00 there’s 30 additional seconds animation for hunters to hit the ground. What do you think?

  • 1:30 + 30 sec dropship timer
  • 2:00 + 30 sec dropship timer

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@IWannaBeATiger and @LordBackael I would love to hear why you guys chose the 2:30 option :slight_smile:


I like how Stage 2 dealt with the situation by adding time to the counter the more strikes you got on the Hunters. 2 Minutes was way too punishing, 1 minute 30 is the sweet line I guess.


Either way it’s still long enough to be a bore, so I guess I’ll go for 1 min and a half just because it’s the lesser evil.

I far prefer how Stage 2 managed dropship timer.


Me too. When you’re monster, you feel rewarded when you down hunters because it keeps increasing on each added strike. On Legacy, it becomes cheesy when a hunter dies (being down doesn’t start the counter) because the monster have 2 raw minutes until the other hunters drop on the map, which is a big disadvantage for the hunters already on the map because a 3v1 fight for 2 minutes often result in the monster being superior to the point of whiping the team.


I may be biased…


If I’m playing a strong team then definitely the default setting of 2 minutes. We played 1:30 and the difference it made was huge. Granted I was playing behemoth who’s easier to roach but it’s going to affect the other monsters as well. It started to feel like I would lose because of cheese rather than skill.

But there are times where 1:30 makes a lot of sense if I’m playing a weaker team.


Thanks for the input, I’ve reopened the poll just in case anyone wasn’t able to vote earlier.


Agree with this. 1.30 also gives Laz and EMET buffs IMO. I like the games more at 1.30, but it is tough on a monster if the team are strong.


As someone who primarily plays hunter-

I feel as a WHOLE, legacy was heavily hunter favored-

With the soul exception of kraken, who i feel was borderline “overpowered” for most of the games life, against most of the hunters (Certain comps dealt with him better, and definitely made the fight more balanced when done right. The game was always capable of being snowballed even still by either side, but it was far better).

So as a whole? Yea i think 2 minutes is fine- and probably necessary with “good” hunters. Good hunters should be able to work with this timer.

If theres a large discrepancy between the monster and hunter, or the monster is a good kraken player- id lean towards 1:30


As a monster player. I agree