Legacy Evolve Progression



I am new to game and wanted to try the evacuation 5 part missions and defend, so I switched back to leagacyevolve to play them.

Few questions.

Am I wasting the rewards I would get for leveling up my guys or will it reward me the keys when I revert game back to where it is now?

If it grants me perks are they going to carry over?

Is there an easy way to switch back and forth without a giant download? Maybe a way to keep both versions of game on steam linked so everything is in sync?

Anyone who is familiar with this please explain how I might be hurting myself playing in that mode.

It sure sucks btw not having the ability for anyone to pop the dome after getting used to it. Am missing the new interface as well and cant spend my keys to unlock anything, since the shop is all cash in older version.

Are there plans to bring the other game modes back so I can just use the standard game and not flop back to this version?


I believe there is talk about bringing in the other game modes after the beta. As for the rest, I don’t know but I would like to see the answers.


Legacy has nothing to do with Stage 2. Progression in one does not affect the other.

You can have both games installed, and play them both without re-downloading every time.

Legacy is no longer updated any, so don’t expect it to get any kind of balance. It’ll stay the way it is.


How do I go about doing that? I have legacy installed now and when I go to store page it says Evolve Stage 2 is already in your steam library. My only option is to click on play game which boots up legacy.


First, right click on Evolve Stage 2 in your Games list. Then hit “Properties” at the bottom of the options window.

Next, select the tab the says “Betas” and open the box to select Legacy.

To switch it back, do the same thing, but select the other option - “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs”

EDIT: Ignore my list of games. Bunch of free shit I got, and I play basically none of it.


No worries on games list, I loved fallout vegas.

That is what I originally did to get to play legacy, now Im not sure how to install stage 2 as well.

Only option is to select None - Opt out of all beta programs


Everlasting summer…LOL


I already commented on this very thing, it does seem to download the game each time as it uses network and disk usage in the steam window, I have been waiting on an answer to this question as like the OP my favourite game type is defend which I loved to jump into solo now and again :wink:


Are you absolutely 400000% certain?

Because I originally accidentally chose that option and after switching it back I had to redownload entirely…


If anyone tries this out let me know. When I tried to go back to stage 2 it started another download so im betting I would have to dl the entire 40gb again to play other Legacy Version.

Would be great to hear from a dev on this one. Would be even better if they brought those other game modes back in. I hear they got 1mil new players in one of their news posts, that should definitely warrant adding the other game times without fear of ruining que times.

At the very least it would be nice to have them available for solo play.


yes, its very unfortunate that any progress, leveling and perk wise has nothing to do with Stage 2. I wish it did… All the grind for nothing