Legacy Edition Maps


With the outlook of Stage 2 now being grim, I thought it might be helpful to provide the maps for Legacy Evolve in case others wanted to have a look. Of course, once inside the game the maps will blow your mind with how cinematic they are…filled with more wildlife, plants, and of course the weather special effects, but this will give you a brief overview. The game has some serious atmosphere and if you’re only coming from Stage 2 it will take you by surprise how much the maps were stripped down. Without these maps, you will get lost, and even the die-hards that came all the way from Alpha are going to need some real refreshers.

I will also see about grabbing the clean scans from the Evolve Guidebook, but the book does not contain all of the released maps since some came later as DLC. I will update this post when/if I get more images and also maps for other game modes.


More Images of Maps:


I miss it.


As soon as I went back into Legacy it was like my heart melted for it. Dare I say it was ALMOST as good as the first time I dropped onto Shear from the drop ship…


I should hop back on later tonight.


Does Legacy have a single player mode, like story?


Evacuation hardly a story tho.


Even so, it’s like an hour long run and it changes all the time. It’s pretty good and I can’t wait to play again.


Updated with new map photos from the Guidebook.


Is that book available for purchase? Does it contain lore or is it just what it says on the tin?


This is the book:

But a lot of this information isn’t useful since so much of it was changed over time…like damage numbers. It covers the wildlife, buffs, maps, modes, how to play your roles right as the different hunters and classes, or the monsters. It doesn’t contain much in the way of lore, just how to play…the ins and outs of the game, basically, minus DLC which came out later. I find the maps useful though.


Remember this Goliath?


All the Evolve maps looked great. Sadly they didn’t all play great. But looked great.


watch an uptick in legacy sales happen and the game turns into a cult classic that just keeps slowly growing.


This would be a nice happenstance.