Left Side of the Screen is Blocked or Automatic Scroll to the Right (Mobile)


This happens just a few seconds after I enter a thread. I believe it’s tied into large images being on the thread, but I’m not 100% on that.


Can you pinch-zoom out?


Nope, I can only scroll left or right.


I just checked that topic but I’m not getting the issue.


It’s the only one that’s currently having that problem. All other threads, after I reset, went back to normal.


Mine does that sometimes! On the shortcut version right?


Yep, on the shortcut version.


Does this happen to you with threads that have large images?


It happens like almost all the time, but yeah I suppose images have something to do with it


Now it’s infected this thread!


Do you have a solution?


Nope, I just get annoyed and restart it but it doesn’t do anything >_>


Damnit. So it won’t go away?


It usually has to do with the display trying to compensate for things too large for the usual text “box”, usually involving images, links and, in the case of this thread, titles

@ToiletWraith, you’re killin me smalls


It didn’t have this problem initially though.


Come again? Is it me ;_;? AM I THE PROBLEM


TW looks like you have to put your title back to

…so your title fits


NO ;_;


Is it permanently stuck to the right for you shunty or are you able to scroll left and right? I’ve been able to scroll left and right in almost all topics for a few days now, just didn’t think anything of it. :smile:


Sometimes it’s stuck, other times I can scroll. I don’t ever want to scroll though. There’s nothing on the right side.