Left 4 Dead SFM Fanfction


About a year ago, I posted on the forums sharing my L4D SFM fanfiction called “White Lie”. I recently finished and uploaded the last part of the entire series and just wanted to put it out here for those interested. If you treat it like a movie, it would be about 2 hours 43 minutes long.

Either way, the reception has been extremely positive so far and I really wanted to know what fellow L4D fans or TRS devs would think about it. You can check out the playlist here if you’re interested:

Currently I am in the middle of combining them all into one big video while also making small edits (which is how I was able to calculate the full length of the damned series :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also making short videos to fill in potential plot holes or just to expand. Might also work on alternate endings since some commenters really want that.


Well, I enjoyed you conversations for every character :stuck_out_tongue:


Changing the category to Left4Dead, if you just excuse me. :relaxed:


This SFM might have taken monthes to be done. I usually never put myself into the L4D stuff, but that SFM is really worth looking at.
The characters don’t seem lively sometimes, but I don’t really blame that because of how long is the SFM.

Did you do that alone or with a team?


I did most of the work alone, although I got suggestions or ideas from friends, fans and family. I also use mods from the Steam workshop. 2 years/2000+ hours were spent on this. I’m either crazy or dedicated.

Originally, the series was going to be interactive and far more ambitious, with 6 planned endings but juggling army life became a struggle so I settled with one, “canon” ending.


Mate you are amazing just by putting so much hour into your work,i salute you


Thanks! Storytelling has always been a hobby of mine :smiley:


White lie is so amazing Thank you for making this film.i can’t wait to see other film you will make like white lie.i was a little sad that there no episode 4


Thanks! Didn’t think people would notice this thread 3 months later :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually didn’t know you still stalked the threads :smiley: (Yes, I find this a wonderful thing)


I do. I’ve never failed to check in on the forums everyday, which kind of makes me like a silent observer. I rarely reply in other threads though, unless I feel the need to. Kind of a shy introvert.


We call those types of people stalkers :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m just a big fan of left 4 dead
When I watch the episode 3 ashes beneath the episode 3 trailer was different?


Trailers are never to be trusted because unless made by an amateur, trailers should never show spoilers. And Episode 3 was quite literally filled with spoilers.


Ok.thank you again for making the most coolest left 4 dead film ever.