Left 4 Dead / Evolve crossover?


Is there any chance of this happening? I love when developers reference other games they have made. Plus, who doesn’t want a hunter team of Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey or a tank skin for the Goliath?


Don’t think it can happen. 100+ years apart. Different planets and timelines. If a zombie outbreak happened on earth when it did, humanity would not be able to expand into space, like in evolve. Humanity might be returning, back on earth. If the survivors were able to kill billions of zombies and well…make a new population.

And I think Value owns the rights to them, now(can be wrong).

Yes, I went there.


I have a tinfoil theory that Laz is really Francis from L4D 1 :slight_smile:


But he doesn’t scream like a girl :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s also a lot older :stuck_out_tongue:


Still; he would be over 100 years old. Unless frozen. But again, if an outbreak happened…Evolve couldn’t.


Who says the outbreak wasn’t contained? Life goes on :slight_smile: Even Deep Impact saw to that :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s not forget the issue with the rights of said franchise.


dude. you’re right. compare laz and francis side by side people.

Reverse domes are still possible

Yep, like I said, Value has it.


It also makes sense that Francis would want to create a Lazarus device with regards to what happened to Bill, who was like the father he never had. So of course he would want to learn how to raise the dead, what better way then to study the zombies left on Hub/Earth :slight_smile:


Forgot the part where Valve now owns the L4D IP.


Valve is probably pretty lax about this sort of thing, they’d let it slide…

I wonder what Valve’s opinion is on Evolve.

Maybe we could ask them?


YES! @Matthew please fill us in!


-I hate Shear
-I hate Goliath
-I hate Kraken
-I hate banshee mines
-I hate Wraith
-I hate rain
-I hate those mammoth things
-I hate Tyrants
-I hate

-Oi,Shut the fuck up mate,or I’ll burn your face.


Witches turned into wraiths, hunters turned into Goliaths,Smokers turned into Krakens and boomers turned into Behemoths. Francis,Bill,Zoey and Louis are immune- but the virus makes them immortal too. THERE!


Yes please, also make a scooby doo crossover with daisy as scooby doo!


Still can’t happen due to rights.


“This is like Counter stri-… I mean Evolve.”


Maybe it was…worth the wait ?