Left 4 Dead DLC Project - Improvement


Since the game has been abandoned for a long time, updates only bring solutions and nothing new, so my team and a group called L4D2onL4D have been working to improve the game, we have done a lot, we have the l4d2 campaigns for l4d1 Thanks to L4D2onL4D, we also have the common infected l4d2, survival menus, versus and coop already with the new campaigns, as always, textures models and everything else already working on l4d1, has been added support in all languages already Finished, both the subtitles in which Virgil, Whitaker and the soldiers of the bridge already appear, are already all the particles of l4d2 made for l4d1, there is much more that I would like to describe, but what I need is the appearance of the survivors l4d2 in The campaigns l4d2, have tried a lot, we have already done it anyway, so far everything works with the survivors l4d1, I wish they could help us, maybe giving us what S necessary files, or showing us what we can do, or maybe you can release an update with the support already done so we would make the job easier, it should be noted that this we do, works for the original game bought by Steam, so buy The game and install our update, everything works normal, compatible with all dedicated servers, maybe only the scripts fail sometimes, but everything went well, I hope we can support, L4D1 is my favorite game, and I would do anything because Every time is better … greetings :smiley:

Test Russian Support

All the files, we made them in the following folders:
By the name of Left 4 Dead DLC, I hope they can help us :wink: