Left 4 dead 3?


So I seen this post on facebook about left for dead 3 rumors! Anyone know anything? Are we allowed to talk about this? I don’t wanna waste my time typing out too much and see a mod move all the time spent into this post into another topic for no one to see so here’s this:


I bet money that’s why the devs have been streaming L4D haha


A man can always dream…


The Devs don’t even own the rights to L4D.


As much as i’d love this probably wont happen :confused:


That explains why valve is getting the credit, I’m still kinda unaware of their involvement with the game :I


I think TRS only worked on the 1st one


TRS only made L4D. After that, the rights were sold to Valve, whom made L4D2.


Yeah unfortunately TRS are no longer creating it but will be interesting to see how valve go about it without the original creators.


Thanks for clearing that up fellas :smiley:


Valve handled L4D2 and that didn’t end up being a giant steaming pile of…


I thought L4D2 was great. I mean… if I’m going to be honest it was better than 1. The multiplayer was really fun, especially when playing as the zombies.


Honestly I thought TRS’ take on it was much better. Far more well rounded and designed, better characters if you ask me and generally much better gameplay.

I even preferred the old models such as the old Hunter and I hated new zombie types like the Jockey and Spitter. Personally, shouldn’t have changed the formula.


I never suggested it was going to be? Just said it will be interesting to see those that weren’t the original creators take it on. I know valve did there part but TRS were the front line for it.


The way your original statement is worded comes across as if you didn’t know that TRS had no involvement with L4D2.


In that case you are correct because I didn’t know that I thought they helped with both titles. Unfortunately I never got in to the left4dead series till recently because I was a call of duty zombies scrub and had just discovered online multilayer gaming. In no way however was I suggesting valve was going to do a bad job and now you have filled me in on them only being involved with L4D2 they did a good job.


I would love to see L4D3. Zombie stuff is mah shit and I love L4D1 & 2. I just hold a lot of doubt on any rumors about a third installment because they seem to pop up every once in a while with little to no merit.

I think the last rumor I heard was that L4D3 was possibly in the works because they recreated Swamp Fever’s plantation building in Source 2 Engine. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have so many hours invested in L4D and L4D2 that it shows how pathetic I am.


Should it be a reality, I hope it’s set somewhere snowy. The first two have a distinct lack of snow. I like snow.


That’s what mods are for.