Left 4 Dead 3 and the supposed Source 2 engine


Been reading a ton of theories around what people are thinking is the new Source 2 engine, and that Left 4 Dead 3 is coming with it. Since Turtle Rock Studios has left Valve, does this mean that a Left 4 Dead 3 is impossible, or possible from a different company? Or does this mean we are getting Left 4 Dead 3 through Valve after Evolve is released?


Valve owns the IP now I believe


I read an article the other day that said the reason Evolve was delayed was so Turtle Rock could finish off L4D3. Made me chuckle.

I’d like to see a L4D3, supposedly some guy had it listed on his past work and that went viral. I dunno if I’d buy it straight away though, since I’d probably be playing Evolve (if they’re released at a similar time) and it would just be sitting about waiting to be played. I’m interested to hear what new Special Infected they might have created.


That’s what I’ve gathered from the news articles and other sources that I’ve read. I think Valve had always owned the IP, and it was just Turtle Rock Studios that were working on it. Supposedly Left 4 Dead 3 was never actually in development, from what I can gather, while Turtle Rock was still with Valve. This would mean that Turtle Rock Studios have nothing to do with Left 4 Dead anymore, which is sad. I spent way too many hours on Xbox 360 playing Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, and some of that carried over to PC, if not as much.

Who writes these articles? I don’t think the Turtle Rock team is big enough to be working on two AAA games at once, nor would they want to release around the same time if they were. As for the “past works” thing, the majority of these can easily be disregarded.


I think Evolve is a good launch IP for TR to get it’s roots in the Industry as their own studio. However Left4dead was done while they were still under valve. That would indicate is probably owned by Valve. If TR asked for a split revenue with Valve or some sort of royalty payment or even used the Evolve money to buy the IP’s rights that would go well for them because we’d love to see a new one and each one has been a decent money maker.


INB4 HL3 is mentioned.


You just mentioned it.


If people worked on the sequel, but the sequel wasn’t made by the people that worked on the prequel, then what’s the point of the sequel? I don’t know, there are probably amazing sequels made by different people.


Yeah I imagine we’ll see Valve pump out 3-4 new titles in the next 2-3 years

half life 3
possibly portal 3
and a new franchise

all on the source 2 engine


I dont see valve putting any games out soon. They make more than enough revenue off their released titles and steam and source that they are in no rush to put games out the door.


As much as I miss Valve making games, they really do have a license to print money with Steam right now. Anyone remember when Steam first released and just how terribly buggy and awful it was? Seems unreal just how much that has changed!


I really want a Portal 3. I could have a 4 player mode and maybe something new like a gel gun along with the portal gun.


Portal 3 would be interesting considering how they ended 2.


I’ll be happy if I never have to see that color scheme again in my life, to be perfectly honest with you. The recent Beta Update changed a ton of the visual aspects of Steam, and it’s looking pretty smooth.


Someone sent me that article. It was very entertaining. I think sometimes people make up stories so that everyone links to their website.

We’re definitely not working on L4D3, and have never had any discussions with Valve about working on it. The entire staff at Turtle Rock Studios is cranking on Evolve. We barely have time to breath. :smile:


i’m saying they already have at least 1 or 2 games in development on source 2. It’s not just about money for them and they wouldn’t be rushing anything. It’s been a while since they’ve released anything new and it’s not like they just took years off not developing anything. They have huge teams with a lot of man power working on games.


Yet you have time to read almost every post and topic on the forums. Keep doing what you are doing though! It’s nice for a change that the devs respond to everyone. The only fourm that is like you is the Prehistoric Kingdom forums.


If L4D3 is announced at GamesCom or any time later this year, then Evolve would have some serious competition.

Being a competitive L4D2 player, I really hope they release L4D3 before HL3.
Will be interesting to see how Valve handles the releases of HL3 and L4D3…


Ha! touche! I consider this part of the job though. Knowing what the community is concerned about, what they like/don’t like, etc. is how we make a great game even better. :wink:


Valve does not make a 3rd game in the franchise… Half Life has taught us this. heh