Left 4 Dead 2: Your Newest Backwards Compatible Xbox One Entry


So, it’s not as if I’m obsessed with L4D2 or anything, or even that it’s my favorite game (TRS >> Evolve - Dev Team Stream! | 04/08 12PM PST), or definitely not that I was dreaming about it 14 hours before the announcement… https://twitter.com/joes0s/status/714641437317410820

But Left 4 Dead 2 is FINALLY backwards compatible with Xbox One.

Per @MajorNelson of Xbox: https://twitter.com/majornelson/status/714844618865709056

Rejoice, for it has risen.


TRS have worked on Left 4 dead 1 not 2

Happy to play it on X1


No one said they did


Awesome how bout for us PlayStation players
Will it be available for ps4?


The amount of games that are forwards compatible is pitiful.


That, I do not know. I’m not sure how Sony chooses to rework their PS3 and prior titles to fit the PS4.

All I know is I tirelessly lobbied on Twitter and Xbox’s feedback site for this to happen, and the perceived fruits of my labor of love are tastier than I could have ever imagined.


I think there’s a paid service which lets you play some older games, but I’m not sure either.


I felt the difficulty curve on L4D2 was an insane jump from the original. My wife and I played L4D all the time, it was our favorite game to play together.

We were geeked for the sequel, but never put the same amount of time into it and usually went back to the original after playing.


Yep, it’s called PlayStation Now. Skyrim isn’t on it so it isn’t worth it.


It it only digital backwards compatible ?


You can use a disc.


Always preferred OG L4D over L4D2.

Must be that TRS touch.


That’s my assumption.


The service is for free

You only pay for the game . Most of the games are cheap

Xbox is doing a favor for developers / publisher to get money from backwards compatible games


Oh, I was talking about on the PS4.

I do like how XB is letting you buy the games if you don’t already own them though.


I generally liked it a lot more. Everything from character models to gameplay.

Best thing was a tank destroying a survivor then helping that same survivor up just to kill them. Or play the friendly zombie and revive survivors.


Truthfully, I was late to the L4D party, and had already become an Apple user by the time my grubby mitts snared both L4D and L4D2. I bought them both used for Xbox 360, and most of my Xbox acquaintances preferred L4D2.

I preferred the claustrophobic, dark, urban level design of the original to its sequel. However, I enjoyed L4D2’s new zombies and the increased difficulty of the story climaxes. In a perfect world, free from Valve’s ravishes, TRS would snap their fingers and a new, independent zombie game would appear. If not for L4D, I would likely not have found, or even kept up with Evolve. It was my true co-op primer, and I fell deeply for it. Evolve took all of the best elements of L4D a step or three further, so it will always keep attention, but L4D and L4D2 appeal directly to the horror genre geek in me, and will always have a special place in my heart.


Except for the Jockey, right?



Are you kidding?!

That bugger still haunts my dreams. That’s why I love him and that neverending smile. He’s got panache. :racehorse::grin:


On that note, am I the only one who can tell that the Jockey is a zombified Oingo Boingo Danny Elfman?