Leerooooooooooooy Jenkiiiiiiiiiins!



Please make Hunters shout this when jumping out of the dropship :joy:


I could see Hyde, EMET (not Emet, huge difference everyone) or maybe Bucket saying it. Maybe even Abe.


Dude, I remember my boyfriend talking about a Val player on release screaming down the mic in fear as they fell out the dropship and then being like
"oh that wasnt so bad"


Maybe just have it as a rare occurrence as an easter egg like the cupcakes

The idea randomly occured to me after I shouted it randomly when falling from the ship :grinning:


I used to shout the ol’ Leroy when sunny boosted me towards monster as trapper.


I mean he does make pop-culture references already…


Such as “Pepare for Bucketfall.”

and copyright infringement...