Leech gun spam


Because I mentioned the spam of Slim’s Leeche gun in ->an another thread<-, I will talk directly about this.

How the Leeche gun works? It’s an automatic shotgun with a sort of vampiric effect that decrease the heal burst’s cooldown when shot on a target. When used properly, it can be a quick way to fully replenish the health of the hunters…but when used too much on a big target like forgeting the spore cloud and shooting on a Behemoth, its effect is massively exploited and it can be annoying for the monster to always attack the same hunter that get the same ammount of health than dammages, resulting in the nulification of the damages done by the monster to the targeted hunter. It’s like the hunter has been übercharged by the quick-fix for an infinite ammount of time.

Should we nerf the weapon and reduce the vampiric effect or reduce the heal burst’s effect? Or should we keep the weapon as it is? Or tweak it?


Leche gun



lol wut?

You mean all the pellets hit a bigger target and it does what it’s SUPPOSED to do? Didn’t know that was called “exploiting” but GG

Slim’s healing completely relies on that gun. Of course it shoots a lot. I agree that his healing is a bit high, and it’s getting brought down when they have a chance to do so. Also, if the whole team is in range of his healing, someone goofed and at least one Hunter is dying.

You could also focus Slim for the quickest results because his survivability is ass during focus.

Also, he can’t 100% outheal the Monster without the Monster fucking up. He can take away a good chunk, but not all of it.


Leave it as is.


Just change his spores. His leech gun is deemed balanced now, but his spore is spammy, and I believe it’s worse than his leeches.


Have things really gotten to a point where a Hunter using their primary weapons is being called “spam” my God, of course Slim players are “spamming” their Leech Gun, it’s the character’s main bloody weapon.


All of these sound plain wrong and trigger me because it’s exactly those kinds of broad changes that ruin characters like Slim.

Slim doesn’t need general buffs or nerfs. He’s a little too good against Behemoth and the occasional Goliath, but he fucking sucks against a Kraken or Wraith who knows how to target a Hunter while keeping minimum LoS to the Medic.

Yeah, I said it. Slim fucking sucks against a select few Monsters. I’m both a Goliath main and a Slim main. I’ve played both of them for a considerable amount of hours.
And even then I can still tell you right now that Slim is underpowered against at least 3/7 Monsters when said Monsters are willing to change up their playstyle in the least bit.

It’s incredible how a very slow, hit&run like approach to killing a Hunter is super effective against Slim. The problem is that most people don’t realize this and never take the initiative to try it out. They expect the Medic to be able to outheal the minimal damage output but the truth is that any OTHER Medic would do so, but Slim can’t.

There’s plenty of Monster players out there who will give Slim a run for the money by simply carefully attacking a target. Where as every other Medic would be able to patch up the Hunter during brief windows of silence, Slim’s Healing Drone is too slow and he requires bloody wildlife to heal up his teammates any faster if the Monster is out of LoS.

TLDR stop suggesting lazy, general nerfs to Slim.
The nature of his pellet-based gun combined with the area-based Spore Clouds means he’s a little too much against melee-oriented Monsters but he really, really does NOT need any further nerfs against the more mobile Monsters.


If you leave Slim be, he is an expert healer. If you focus him down however (and even better, tumble him), then he is pretty bad, since he will have trouble keeping the leeches coming, and thus, have trouble healing. His self sustain when getting focused isn’t that good. As such, I believe that the leech gun is fine.

The spore cloud launcher is annoying as all hell though. I’m hesitant to call it OP, but it is a pain to fight against


Honestly, I think everything in his kit needs an overhaul.

  • Healburst takes too long to come back without shooting
  • problematic while focused and recovering from a fight
  • Shotgun too accurate against large targets (Stage 3 behemoth)
  • Shotgun too inaccurate against small targets (Stage 1 Wraith)
  • Spores broken AF
  • Drone too situational


Well, it’s a shotgun. Of course pellets hit a bigger target. Like the difference between a house and a car. It’s simply the nature of the weapon and the Monster. Doesn’t make it unbalanced. It just means that Gorgon and Wraith are good counters to Slim.

I agree with everything else you said, but people make that “point” and it’s, quite frankly, -and with really no other way to say it- wrong. Of course they’re all gonna hit a bigger target. Works that way with every gun with any kind of accuracy spread, like OG Maggie’s SMG. Same deal with a smaller target - you have to try a bit harder to hit enough to heal, by timing your shots and getting closer.

Not trying to be an ass or start a fight, but his Spores are really the only thing that need to be changed. Slim works exactly the way he’s supposed to, aside from being stronger than he strictly should be. His healing’s being brought down, though, so after the micropatch, he might be almost right on the mark, though I suspect he’ll see another slight nerf before the TU because his healing will still be strong.

The Drone is supposed to be used outside combat to heal people while he can’t use his HB, or to heal downed teammates from a safe distance.


Wait the change to his leech gun didnt really boost his heals though it was more for taking the strain off of slim mains constantly pulling the trigger. I mean when I used to play him it used to sound like i was typing an essay how much I was pulling the trigger which can become uncomfortable over time.


Just leave him as he is.

Consider the fact that these people could just be measly Monster players. I don’t usually have a problem with it, so long as I save my abilities, wait for a heal, then bring my target down.

Then the bug eventually gets caught on my windshield.


So your pretty much saying that slim being the bane of any monster that don’t use hit and run tactics is fine?


In fact, I was playing against Slim in 4 games in a row and in the 4 games, I lost. I lost because I was body fighting him with the Behemoth/Goliath and it was impossible to do a strike on him. The only time I gave him a strike was in the last match of arena and it was only ONE time I got him because I made multiple knockbacks…but I still lost the game.

I asked about the Leeche gun because it was humiliating for me to be killed 4 times by the same player using the same character over and over again commenting “you got butt hurt” in the chat.


Please think about what you’re saying.
Just because a weapon/utility can be spammed does make it inherently balanced or unbalanced. You look at the situation and go from there. In Slim’s case his spores are ridiculously effective vs some players which when coupled with being able to spam them does not make for a fair game.
If Hyde could throw out multiple grenades would that be balanced in their current state? No, of course not.

His spores are a horrible mechanic and that’s been proven by being so divisive among the player base.


Oh, I wasn’t talking about Slim’s Spores, I was talking about his Leech Gun.

As it stands right now, all I have to say on Slim’s Spores is that those need their function changed entirely, their effects are far too polarising to really have any kind of discussion on whether or not they’re really balanced.


Hmm, I’ve never seen a post about slim’s leech spam and assumed this was about spores. To OP, there are some things they could try to make slim equally effective vs all monsters but for the moment his healing simply needs to come down.


Oh, I’m sure that Slim’s healing is just a tad too effective right now, which is why it’s looking set to being brought down in the upcoming micropatch. But the complaint was that Slim players were “spamming their Leech Gun.” which is an absolutely silly complaint. It’s his primary tool, not just for attacking, but for healing, if Slim players weren’t using it, then they’d be playing Slim very poorly.


Dead haha thank you, night made! Its like telling Markov to not use his lighting gun.


I will never look at the leechgun the same again after this.