Leaving you game


Hey everybody. I wont to say a few words about my last experience in Evolve. First of all I was having big expectations about last patch, new supp and number of new players. But reality was different. After patch we have about 750 players on PC and that is ok, but 60% of players wont to play as new supp and that is also ok. But yesterday I was waiting 1h for 0 Hunt game. Someone always skip becous supp was already picked. Or monster was skipping because of Hunter ranks. Or some hunter was skipping because of monster rank. It was 1h and 0 hunt. I know that people can play others modes but Hunt IST the main stage! Another thing is that I till now see players that play Hunt and don’t have elite on hunters. I now that this is not necessary but if you dont have this extra 5/10% of your ability power, that is a monster advantage, And if in team we have 3 hunters this type? And after the game they say that Monser is hard to kill… Elite the hunter give you not only this 5/10% more skills power butt also a experience. Not the same as playing hunt, butt still experience. And ranks system… I was playing 3 days ago 10 hunt games. I win 7 of them and 3 was defeated. In general I become +9 and -12. It’s so hard to take. And funny is that Im silver skils and 8 in 8 games we have silver skild monster, in one silver expert, and in last determin. For wining 6 silver skild I become +6 for deff silver skils -3 and -5, for win with determinik + 3 (he have 13h in game) and for deff silver expert -4. ??? THIS rank system is insane! So. After 1h of waiting, yesterday and in fact of this ranks and everything I decided to stop playing in this game. It’s sad because I bay this game in preorder I bay all sessions pass and I don’t have feelings that after almost 1 yet game is better. And for example yesterday when in Evolve was 750 players, in Battlefront (SW) we have 20000 players online (nobody is skipping and you just play, not stay in lobby for 1h). So gl, hf and see you in another game!



Sorry to see you go, but we lock goodbye threads. Hopefully someone can decipher a bug report out of this.