Leaving = with new patch?


since the new patch my w/l seems to go down everytime i leave the game. is this new with the recent patch? and no i did not abuse this mechanic to get a good w/l my evolve just has some bugs where my client shuts down or i am forced to leave to huge lags on fueling tower ( yes only on this map and no i dont know why… ). does someone has information about this? i really dont want ro lose my hardwork due to errors with the client… that cant be the intention of the developers. sorry for my english btw :confused:


Yep it’s new with the patch. Leaving now affects your W/L ratio.








Watch your King fall, now.


If you’re on PC i discovered that refueling tower will lag like crazy because of all the shadows, lower the shadow settings then you’ll be golden


i was really lookong forward to this but since evolve is sometimes veeery buggy it is kind of unfair for the normal players :frowning:


Omg finally. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. People may actually finish a game now.


I guess…


It is no long good to be the King.


Do you get penalized if your playing Evacuation and you leave after completing the first round and watching the stat gain part before you all move to pick the next map?


King is player Hunter now. We played a match with him, where he as assault ended up pounced and killed by a stage three Behemoth underneath the medbay relay. lol


Normal players?


I’d actually like to see a screenshot of King on the leaderboard from now and then a new one next week lol


Ironony has it, that since this patch, there seems to be a major disconnect issue… I’ve had 4 games already that just time out and you can’t do anything anymore…People told me true voice they had it happen a few times already aswell…

took a funny screenshot tho :smile:



I had mine time out twice as well… just sat there for three to five minutes waiting for the message to pop up that connection was lost but it never did so I had to quit. I was quite sad when I looked at my W/L ratio only to see it go down both times.


thats what i am talking about. just because the game is buggy i lose my w/l and yes i like my stats because i earned it hard :smiley:


happened 5 times today


Leaderboards are based on total wins
King is never going to leave first place


Jesus, it’s literally impossible to not do X2 damage to Behemoth -___-


@Quirkly, don’t be random. No matter how helpful it is.


Amen Brothers and Sisters!