Leaving this broken game


Got a day off work today, so I thought I’d spend some time playing Ranked Monster. Boy do I regret it.

Lost a total of 15 points so far against the usual hunters. This game is so Hunter favored atm it’s unfathomable. Everyone has a hard time finding matches because all the monster players are going Hunter.

Monsters have nothing going for them. It’s pathetic. Goliath is my main and the beam team is his undoing. Kraken is the only viable monster, Wrajth has been nerfed to the point she is considered wildlife, Behemoth’s abilities are work when they want too(RW and Tounge), Gorogn is all show.

Even our Adaptation is weak. I mean, burn damage? That’s it? While Hunters have damage multipliers, passive healing, an AI that tracks, revive teammates, AND does damage, and don’t forget the whole team gets shields.

Sure the game is 4v1 and that’s cool. But when there is so little going for the 1 it makes it pointless to play as that monster.

Hunters have the cheesiest ways of playing. Monster is finally winning? Support flees. Got a Laz? Have him outside of the dome.

When a person plays as a faction called “monster” they shouldn’t feel so god damn powerless.


@Buckets_Sentry_Gun or @MaddCow mind moving this to the rant thread?


Sorry that you feel this way. Give it another shot in a week when the new TU comes out.



Not sure if this is a rant or a goodbye thread, either way we have Evolve Anonymous for ranting, and sadly we don’t like to keep Goodbye threads open due to them not really holding any purpose and can attract negativity and vice versa.


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