Leaving the Dome


So… If the Trapper glitches out of the dome or used Kala’s teleporter out the Dome came down. But with every Hunter having access to the Dome, how does this work? Can no Hunter stay outside/leave the Dome, or is it just whoever threw the Dome…? Because if no one can leave, this is an unnecessary Kala nerf, but if only the Dome throwerhas to stay then this allows for bullshit Hunter strats.


Trapper can leave, I believe you just have to have one character in there to keep it up.
Kala can’t be the last one alive and then teleport out and expect the dome to keep the Monster in there.


I see. I really hope that isn’t abused later down the line, it seems like it has the potential to be.

Well, if that’s question answered then this can be closed.



Maybe. So far though, if 1 person is out of the dome for whatever reason the effective team is much lower. If assault leaves there is much less damage. Trapper, means monster can get around unimpeded. Medic, no healing. Support, no shielding/enhancing the team. Also, with the way armor channeling works it makes it so the monster could move to a safe spot and either channel armor up, or move the fight away from the teleporter. Having 3 people chase a monster is scarier than 4 as a team.