Leaving skirmish sessions


so i joined a game and started playing we won then came the lobby to choose next characters so i thought okay well im done with this lobby im going to leeave now game starts in like 2 min but when i leave i have some time limit to rejoin another lobby but why?? i didnt ditch them mid game it was already over


You left during character select. You would need to leave before that happens.


That confuses me too. I’ve had to wait a few times myself and I didn’t leave mid-game.


Did you get it when you leave the ‘map’ screen? I.E. when it shows your activity on the level?


I think so, most likely.


If you get it from that, then I would report that as a bug. If you get it when there is no timer in the top left and roles haven’t been assigned it’s also a bug. If you get it while there is a timer, that is intended.


I will be sure to pay more attention to that this time around.


but hmmm so when the minimap showing how we did comes up i can leave but not after?


You can leave during that map portion, or the part where no one is assigned roles and there is no timer. Not sure how long that is in this iteration, it usually was about 30-60 seconds in the Big Alpha.


ahhh kk thanks man are any of u guys playing by any chance no one has a damn microphone i dont get it i thought xbox comes with one lol


A lot of public gamers don’t use mics. I’m a PC player and usually it gives me an icon on who is using a mic and who isn’t even without my having to ask in the lobby. Does XBox have that?


well i think ya someone with a mic will have a icon and ones that dont, well dont have an icon pretttty sure