Leaving penalty should be increased to 3 minutes


Sixty seconds fly by. It needs to be longer to discourage leaving.


They should fix the matchmaking first. I haven’t joined a game just starting yet, I always join games in progress. I don’t ever get to choose my hunter so whenever I have to take over a bot I don’t want to play as, sorry I’m gone. Fed up of not being able to use my unlocked characters ffs.


The penalty for leaving a game should start out at a minimum of 5 min and increase by 5-10 min every game you leave in a 24 hour period.

Leaving a lobby should have no penalty.

You should have a minute or two grace period to rejoin the same game you were in to take no penalty, this would help with DCs.


Maybe if preference had more of an impact. It took me four games to get my preferred Monster.


The leaving penalty shouldn’t be too long.

No, I don’t promote leaving matches. But having a too long “cooldown” when you leave a match will only make people AFK instead of leaving. I know a bot takes over but someone should be able to leave a match if they want or have to.


The penalty shouldn’t apply when joining a game in progress where you have to take over a bot, I’m tired of not getting a choice, fed up of always playing fking Hank and Maggie.


If the leaving penalty was more harsh it would actually discourage people from leaving…which would mean more people would stay in their games…which would mean you wouldn’t get dropped in the middle of games in progress as often.