Leaving Lobby. Penalties for people waiting until character select


Hi, lately I find so many people leaving lobbies, I dont mind this, what I mind is people waisting 20 seconds of my life because they want to see wich role they get and leaving if its not their chosen role, even knowing that there were people with the same prefered role at the start of the countdown.

I think this issue is very frustrating for a lot of players and it needs a solution soon. I suggest the following solutions:

  • Let people abandon during lobby. But punish the first person leaving the lobby once u are in character select.
  • You could also let people choose the roles that they would play, let them choose from 1 to 5 roles. This way people wont leave lobby because they will always get one of the roles that they want.

With the current system people leaves if they dont get their role, this makes players waste more time than picking only one role and wait to get a lobby. Also with the current system you have to be backing constanly from lobby once that someone leaves not allowing you to do other things while searching for a match.

I would like to hear other suggestions as well as knowing what the developers think about this issue. Try to make this post helpful and not a rage pool plz : )

Can we rename ranked to "Try the new free rotation without requeueing for Hunt till you get your role"?

Hi @Krorrar!

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No worries, the development team is already looking into this, as stated here:

For the rest I also suggest to check out our New User Help post to help you get around

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Thanks for your quick answer, i finally know what the devs think about it. I really like that they are making progress every week and that they answer our questions, I hope that they can fix it soon although I think that it is a community problem more than anything.