Leaving because of the mastery system (not reset related)


Fanboy trigger warning: harsh criticism of a game mechanic

So with the mastery system there is a RPG mechanic in the game. I’m not really a fan of this, but I could deal, if at least it would be done right. Is there any mayor RPG where you have to jump throw narrowly defined hoops in order to advance in level? No and with good reason, winning the fight should be how you advance, because winning the fight is what you need to give it all for. That’s the real challenge.

Not so in this game, here I get railroaded into having to make in some cases very specific actions over and over again in order to advance. And that’s not for achievements or unlocking skins and badges but to get in the end a 10% buff. In other words ignoring it isn’t really an choice this game leaves me.

I fact, if given the choice between winning the game and getting stronger what would you do? If your Hank has already leveled the shield projector but not the orbital barrage, would you shield Lazarus, so he can afterwards resurrect an already dead teammate, or use your first chance in this round to get some orbital damage? How big is the temptation to let someone die to resurrect him with the med-gun or healing grenades later? To wait a few seconds with the Lazarus device, so you can do it cloaked? Why use the damage amplifier if it is already skilled but the railgun isn’t?

The masteries turn the whole game into an handholding tutorial where you advance only for doing narrowly defined things on a list and not for winning the actual game. You can win the game, be an valuable teammate but still not gain anything towards advancing in strength because that action was never convenient to the fight. How should I feel about that.

I even downloaded “Hunters Quest”. Don’t have a smartphone but I turned the sound off and played while watching some Youtube. That is until I had the “WTF am I doing?” epiphany so familiar to ex RPG victims. I’d like to ignore the masteries. If I could opt out and have all buffs on 5% forever I’d do it in a heartbeat. Heck I’d take 0% if I never have to read about it. If the general Level advancement paid dividends toward the masteries I also could ignore them. Maybe it’s a mental problem on my part, but as it is I simply can’t ignore that handholding, railroading BS. Can’t and the game is no fun if I’m stuck in a tutorialesque hell forever.

I know I’m going to be in the minority on this one but to me having the mastery requirements stuck inside my head really killed the flow of game for me. I never loved it in the first place, but getting the first star wasn’t that huge of a deal to me. It was a sort of get to know with the various characters, a schooling I could tolerate back then. But by now you’d really had to cut me loose.

I had some beefs about the game before, but that is what in the end drove me away. Sure, I’ll come back to take the new hunters and monsters out for a spin when they get released, monster race schmoe here, but for now I’m out.


the progression really isnt suppose to matter that much.


Yeah, I know what you’re getting at, but I think it doesn’t really matter to most players. They play how they play, and the masteries just eventually arrive. There’s only really one time it really negatively affected my game, and that was a Parnell who was dealing very little damage, and that’s because he refused to use his shotgun, because he wanted to get the rocket launcher mastery. That guy was a dick anyway, though, so it’s not like he’d have made less poor decisions otherwise.


I would really like the option to solo queue matches with no perks, or where everyone has the same star level on all perks.


perks are srs bznz apparently…


I absolutely hate the mastery system because it creates an unfair playing field, but true to their word (and much to my surprise) TR included the ability to disable this in custom games. I’m playing games every night with RL friends with this system disabled (they hate it as much as I do). It sucks if you don’t have a group to play with though.


This is coming in ranked mode.


Theres a ranked mode? How have I not seen anything about this?! Thanks for the info.


Cool, I’ll be looking out for it.


There’s not a ranked mode now but they are developing one.