Hi Guys. Just want to know if you added a Leavercounter with the last Patch? Friends want to tell me you added a Leavercounter so guys like “King” get rekt, but im still seeing him on 0 Loses…
Just want to be sure… Is it in? Will you add a Leavercounter to the Game for the Leaderboards?
This Game would really need this.
Thanks for the awnser’s.
And sry for my bad english :frowning:


The loses are counted, hes just dodging “deaths”


Pretty much what Quirkly said.


Okay, thanks for the fast awnser.
But still, they should add the “Leavercounter” in the Leaderboards, for everyone. Guys like King just plays for the Leaderboards. When he see’s some Leavercounter there, you will wrek him. It just needs to be showed to the WORLD! :slight_smile:


Look at his W/L ratio, not as perfect as it once was ^.-


Yeah I need to take a look. Just saw him today still on 0 Loses so i thought nothing like a that was added to the Game.
But im glad to hear it.