I saw this a while back on the Steam Forums and I wonder if it gained a bit of popularity on these forums as well.

Basically it just means that if the Monster player picks Wraith, the Hunters disconnect from the match because they don’t want to play against Wraith. They consider her overpowered / anti-fun.
It was immediately frowned upon; many people didn’t understand why it was created and started throwing random balance-related arguments around about Wraith’s potential in combat.

I’m thinking of bringing it back (not really, that’s uncool). Here’s my opinion in a short sentence:

Wraith, in her current state, is overpowered in her traversal capability and is the most anti-fun experience in the game.

If I had thrown those domes a few feet in front of the Wraith instead of her exact position she would’ve turned around and escaped the other way.

I find it weird how as soon as someone mentions nerfing the Wraith people will immediately call you out as a noob and tell you to ‘git gud’, thereby completely ignoring what I’m talking about.
I am talking about her TRAVERSAL. It’s too fast and making it slower would certainly put an end to escaping domes.
Wraith’s current traversal state completely prevents getting caught by a pug team.

Now mind you, I realize the game shouldn’t be balanced around pug teams. But go tell that to Lazarus or Bucket players. Those characters could probably use another look at from the developers as well.

Wraith would of course be buffed in another way. I find Supernova the best candidate. Its duration is way too short and above all, takes multiple hits to do its full damage potential. This makes the move next to useless against for example, a Hunter in sight of Sunny’s Shield Drone.

I just had to create this topic, get it out of my system. When people talk about Goliath, Kraken and Behemoth they have always seemed rational to me but I’ll never understand the kind of people who say escaping domes so easily is balanced because Wraith’s combat potential is lackluster. There’s also a thin line between OP and anti-fun.

What I always say in pugs about the Wraith is "You either spend 20 minutes chasing it or split up for 10 seconds and get pounced, die, lose the match."

Question: Who thinks LAZ breaks the Game Meta? A strike for "dead" dead hunters that are revived maybe?

I’ll quickly elaborate on this but know that I am not waiting for balance arguments as replies. I’m a stubborn man and you’ll never convince me that the content of the footage below is balanced and should not be changed.

Not really sure this thread has a point then.


I feel Wraith is more balanced than ever.

Apart from the dirty, decoy spamming Wraiths, it’s not on to just leave a match because of someone’s Monster choice.


Raises hands



Probably not. It’s mainly just me nagging for about 10 paragraphs.

If you can tell me the balance in escaping domes so easily then fine, go ahead.


You know the match would be quicker if you didnt harass the wraith and just waited at the relay.


Meh, I don’t want all my games to go the same way. A monster that can run away and dome-dodge better than the others but is easier to take down at stage 3 seems fair and offers variety.

I will say, that in a year or two from now when the wildlife buffs have finally been removed from the game, Wraith will be pretty boring. As-is, right now against a Wraith that makes it obvious they don’t plan on engaging till 3, we at least have some wildlife buffs to exterminate before waiting at the relay.

My only problem with Wraith in its current form is her decoy damage; I’d gladly give supernova some oomph back in exchange for reining in the decoy a bit, at least to where it doesn’t outdamage the wraith herself.


Typically when creating a thread it is because you want to discuss an issue/feature/character/etc. If you’re immediately going to tune out any replies that may contradict your view, then there isn’t a reason to make one.

In order to avoid arguments, I might suggest you reword that part, but it’s completely up to you.

On topic, I’m quite happy with the current Wraith iteration.


Wraith is still easy to kill at stage 3, so it being able to run away from early encounters easily actually DOES seem pretty balanced. Fun is subjective, so I won’t engage there, but the balance seems pretty fair at the moment.


Wraith is a 95% instant win for hunters now. She requires some real skill to dish out damage and clutch wins with. I’ve beat multiple untouched Wraiths at the power generator, they don’t need any further nerfs. Wraith is designed around sneak attacks and hit and run. Don’t nerf her ability to run anymore, it’s exactly where it should be.


It seemed to only barely make it out of the dome dropped right on top of it, so only a small adjustment would be needed anyway. One suggestion I’ve heard is to have the warp blast delay be at the start rather than at the end.


Yeah I don’t have any problems trapping wraiths anymore. I have no problems with the wraith right now.


I don’t mind her ability to dome dodge.

The largest issue I see is the lack of interest in engaging stage 2. Right now, I feel like her stage 2 is weaker than that of the rest of the monsters, which probably pushes most people to just go for a stage 3 with no midway engagements, which unfortunately isn’t much fun for anyone.


Okay then.

I’m actually happy with the replies so far. It’s very clear these forums are much more mature than the Steam Forums.
I’ve taken @TheMountainThatRoars his advice and changed the thread a bit. Seems I could do with some balance arguments after all.

There’s still too many replies about Wraith in general. Guys really, I’m not saying Wraith is OP. I know she needs speed to counter low health and that’s all fine. Saying I dislike one tiny aspect about her is not the same as calling her out as a broken mess.

I guess what still bothers me is that what I feared most while writing this thread seems to be true: people really do find it okay for her to escape the dome radius as long as other aspects are weaker. Why? Please tell me, I legit don’t understand.
I mean, I get that you don’t want every single Monster to play the exact same way but… this seems a tad overkill.

SECOND TIME, she baited you.

No @mortalbound , she did not. She saw me, panicked, wasted 1 traversal into the wrong direction and then still fled the scene in time.
It would’ve made no difference if I stood in front of her path because then she’d probably have went the other way instead. I should probably have wasted her traversals first to make sure she was too low on stamina to escape.
But by then she’d have covered too much distance.


@Plaff as a stage 2 Wraith might disagree with you…


I will agree, that no monster should be able to travel 55 meters in less than 3 seconds. I would say that the Wraith could use a buff in decoy as far as her invisibility. But I think the Traversals should have a slight cooldown between uses to not allow the wraith to travel 60 meters in less than 3 seconds. If that was done, then if you are on top of the wraith and throw the dome, she will still get caught.


Agreed, thank you. A very, very tiny traversal cooldown might work.

What bothers me is that Wraith is supposed to be the strongest of all Monsters when it comes to stealth.
I’m not sure where the stealth aspect lies in just relying on your speed over anything else.


I’m not saying stage 2 engagement with wraith is a death sentence. I just believe it takes more effort compared to the rest of the monsters. Well, IMHO anyway. :slight_smile:


Goodbye. Thank you for your input.


I agree with you, in terms of my experience. Granted, I cannot see his reaction irl, but his gameplay as Wraith seems very calm and collected. Best of all, no decoy spam!