Leave lose questions, serious concerns


I have a couple questions about how the ~new leaving gives losses affects things.
we all know leaving will give you a loss on your record.
but I was wondering about osme finer details
does it apply a loss for the monster/hunter for telemetry?
if so, if you were about to lose and then you leave doesit count as a double monster/hunter loss for telemetry?

so say hunters are about to kill wraith then she leaves right before. will this give a double loss (one from the leave and one from dying) to the wraiths overall WLR?

also since it counts as a loss does it force the opposite? If hunter B disconnects does it count as Goliath beating him? IE hunter B gets a loss(player and hunter) and goli(not the player) gets a win from that. Then what if the hunter team ends up winning, will everything even out?

so many questions.


Your personal losses don’t count towards telemetry. Lets say 4 Hunters and you play a game. You are the monster and leave halfway through. Someone else joins and promptly leaves. A 3rd player comes in and finishes the game but loses. That ‘game’ counts as 1 monster loss. Personal records are different from telemetry as telemetry measures GAME outcomes, not individual ones.

Same thing goes for wins. Wins are only dispensed at the end of the game. Disconnecting/leaving a game mid match gives you a loss, but wins are only earned at the very end.


Good to know. I saw someone say something about fixing telemetry by leaving and got a bit worried.
Glad that can’t happen.


Granted, I don’t work for TRS and I don’t know if this is the exact method they use, but I HIGHLY doubt it would be anything but this. So, while I can’t say this is the way it is done, I’m 99.99% sure it is.