Least Used Character(s)

Trappers: Abe
Assault: Lenny
Medic: Val
Support: Cabot
Monsters: Goliath (OG)

Just my thoughts on those that don’t get chosen to slay thy enemy

I think Parnell is the least picked assault no one likes him ;_;

Yeah definitely parnell, right about the rest though

Parnell is a pretty popular pick against behemoth. I almost never see lennox

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That is pretty odd, i seem to only find hyde or lennox, with torvalds on the rise, i probably only see parnell once every few days

Abe. definately least picked. i like his design, but i just dont like playing him.

Lennox is quite fun to play and her damage is still pretty good. i think the assaults are the most dependant on playstyle/meta than the other classes.

Val probably is the least picked medic overall, but the next patch is shaking that up for sure.

I agree that cabot is probably the least picked, but he’s actually my main. I feel his kit is still very good albiet maybe a tiny nudge in rail cannon DPS. however, my recent chat with macman in the data thread might give more insight on cabot and such later on and can improve their understanding on how some other characters may need adjustments.

O.Goliath is definately the least played monster.

Lennox is just about extinct :frowning: hardly ever see her

There are only three characters that I would say I see so rarely that it is as good as never…

Parnell, Griffin and Bucket.

I actually had a day yesterday where val was all I saw, but she is also a least picked character. Hyde is also pretty rare, as is caira and Abe actually.

Hyde is rare? Weird.

I don’t ever really play Crow, or Laz. Other than that I play just about anything.

Monsters I never play are Wraith and rarely I will pick Kraken but not very often. I am awful with Kraken so I pick it against people I know are really new to the game as it gives me and them both a challenge.

Least played
Assault : Parnell
Trapper: Crow/ abe
Medic: Val
Support: Bucket

Most played
Assault: Markov
Trapper: Jack
Medic: Caira
Support: Hank

Caira is actually the least picked medic according to stats from Macman. ;-;

Probably because of the many newbs who haven’t unlocked her yet and never will thanks to Lazarus’ incompetence with a team of other newbs.

Strange, what ive notice in matches were

  1. Caira - the most paired with hank obiously.
  2. Slim
  3. Laz ( with more offensive play with cabot/ somtimes bucket.)

I rarely see Griffin these days, and I don’t play him much at all. He needs his old reload speed for the harpoon I think, it’s too slow to be useful now, particularly as the main use was holding the monster for a dome

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According to the stats of the free Weekend, the least favourite characters are:

Assault: Parnell
Trapper: Abe
Medic: Caira
Support: Sunny

Monster: Goliath

All characters were unlocked for the free weekend, which is why it was an interesting statistic. Given the freedom to choose, with peer pressure built in, people didn’t want to play Caira.

Ah my bad, in that case I’m genuinely surprised.

When I was new to the game it pretty much made my day when people picked Caira because then
A) I wouldn’t have to deal with a bad Lazarus player
B) She was by far the funniest and more interesting Medic to have on the team.
(Lol let’s just be honest here, she was hotter than Val)