Learning Monster at level 40 - Help Appreciated :)


Experienced hunter, but recently decided to get into monster after the Wraith Vs Hyde Challenge. Unfortunately, I’m already level 40 >.< So most of the hunters are crazy skills at tracking and keeping tabs on the monster. Its sparse for practice since I get shutdown at every turn.

Hunters, at least the combinations I’ve tried, are quite easy to fool, dodge and get away from as bots. However, this doesn’t translate well to multiplayer at all. I’ve decent when I get to stage 3, but getting there is the issue for me.

I did just run through the monster guide, but none of that is new to me. From bot practice, I have the majority of the abilities down, but none help me at stage 1 when trying to escape.

I just went about 6 rounds with a team and I was caught within a couple minutes each time. From the afterplay, it appeared they spread out then all headed my direction - this was when I didn’t set off the birds. So I’m guessing someone would spot me and track from a distance out of smell range until the rest caught up. Might be pre-mades, don’t know, but they were excellent or I’m just that bad lol I find the ocassional team I can best, but then some people drop and others come in then I start losing again >.>

Anyways, do any of the experienced monsters have tips for dodging and escaping experienced hunters?

Does anyone have tips for a bad monster player?

What monster are you playing the most?


OUCH. You picked a baaaaaad time to start Monstering. :stuck_out_tongue:

In all honesty…There isn’t much to say other than practice, practice, practice. There are the basics like “Break line of sight” and “Down this person” and “Juke” but even knowing those isn’t quite enough. :frowning:

I’ve been playing Monster since the Alpha and while I am by no means a “pro” or very good at it (quite the contrary in fact :P) I am experienced and I do know what I’m doing. I hope.


Point being, I’m not a noob Monster. But even I sometimes struggle with this. And I know other experienced Monsters like @FrontlinerDelta, for example, who also struggle with this.

Point being, you just need to keep at it. Keep practicing, know the basic tips, use common sense. Map knowledge is also key- know the ins and outs of each map and you can lose Hunters much more easily.


I also feel like it’s essential to know the maps, know where caves etc. are (so you don’t trigger birds when eating), know the wildlife buff locations and what buffs spawn on each map, places to juke, good spots to fight, plan some routes in advance and you also absolutely need to know which monster sucks on which map.


Doesn’t matter monster you are going to play.

Step 1: rush best buffs

From best to worst

Dmg buff
Dmg reduc
No birds
…others are shitty.

Step 2: find the biggest object in the game

Step 3: circling around the object (building or cliff)

Step 4: let hunter split into 2 & 2

Step 5: choose a pair you want to kill

Step 6: you’ve got enough time with 2 of them, you should kill them before the others come.

Step 7: a) kill the others

Step 7: b) if they run away from you just evolve, repeat the same process and take the strikes or destroy the power relay…

Step 8: take the win…

These tips are especially if you play against randoms, they are playing bad… I won about ~250 games as a monster and loose about ~20. It’s not best but also isn’t worst.


Pick Behemoth on maps that don’t have a lot of line of sight blocking objects, then come post again.


I’m used to playing hunter. I’ve only just started playing monster. I run so many bot matches that I’ve almost got elite wraith and kraken with goliath at 2 stars on his abilities. Bots are play things and very predictable with no difficulty settings that I’m aware to get them to dodge more, so its hard to get decent practice on them.

Anytime after level 35 is a bad time I would say, but I’m guessing you’re talking about the perk changes >.<

Yeah I tried to keep that in mid tonight, so I just pushed through the losses. I did start to get more hits, but not sure if that’s due to getting used to their movements or just because they were being relaxed and toying with me lol

As I said, bots don’t give a challenge so just trying to keep at it.

Question on the birds that gather on corpses. As a hunter I see corpses all around, but not see birds gather until monster is stage two. Is that just random luck? They tend to spawn within 30seconds if I eat anything outside a cave or covering lol


Perk changes, buff changes, nerf to heavy attacks, Tier 4…A lot of things. :stuck_out_tongue:


For example?


LoL Well what can you do hehe There is always going to be imbalances. Just sucks I have to practice against high level hunters :open_mouth: Hopefully that just means I’ll be that much better in the end. I’ll keep pushing until then.

I’ll pull some map images off the web and study routes and perks. Never thought of doing that :v:


This is actually pretty great, since you know how hunters would approach you and how they would (re)act in specific situations.

Bots are only helpful if you want to level up your characters, practise skillshots, just want to have a chill match or you’re still learning the very basics of the game. Don’t bother with them. They’ll only make you develop bad habits.

I’m kinda in the same boat and since I’m trying to learn Behemoth, I’m getting shit on a lot. Much slow. Many bugs. So fragile. Wow.


The Dam is brutal for Bob. That’s one example.


:DDDD funny cuz I think that Dam is one of the best map for Bob.


Not against a well oiled premade, especially one with Griffin/Sunny/Val or Caira.



I’m monster, I’m choosing an area for fights.

I chose caves on the left side, you domed me, I killed you.

Those caves are insane for Bob, probably the best area ever…


Fusion Plant, Wraith Crap, Barracks just to name a few.


Wish there was a way to nix joining a pre-made in skirmish. As a learning monster, I’d rather not fight coordinated skill of that caliber so early on :open_mouth:


If you’re Stage 2, yes. Stage 1, you’ll be butchered. :stuck_out_tongue: But Dam is good for fights. We were discussing escape and mobility, for which Dam is terrible. For all Monsters.


Yes. TRS should implement something such as a little icon to notify you who is premade with who.


At stage one he’s food, even if he is fighting on his terms.