Learning about Evolve lore?


Heya, I’ve been playing this game for a little over a month and I am absolutely hooked. One of the things that I love most about the game is the dropship dialogue and how diverse it is and how well it paints the different dynamics between characters. I really appreciate how immersive it makes the game feel and how I feel when I’m playing any character. That being said, I am rather curious about the lore behind the hunters/monster/Evolve universe and I want to learn about it, but when I go to the wiki page all the information about the different topics seems to rely on one another and I don’t know where to start, so can someone point me in the right direction? Cheers :grin:


Look under the category “Official Fiction”. There should be plenty of writing to satisfy your hunger for more.


Well who or what would you like to know about specifically? I’m one of the few major lore-buffs on the forums.


Lore you say? How about this thread. 🖒

Edit:please note that this thread is fairly outdated.


Tis some good lore indeed.


That thread is so terribly outdated.


True. Its a decent start point for basic lore at best as of now.


Yeah, but only for like, a few characters. There’s so many new ones, and so much lore has been revealed not just about the hunters, but the monsters, that it’s hardly worth it.

Unless you wanna know about like, Markov or something. In that case, go for it


I think its about time the forum comes together and builds up a new mega thread. A perfect time to use the wiki post function.


I’ve been working on it. And no, I don’t trust the wiki function. Quite a few people here can actually spell. I want it to be legible.


Sweet, well I don’t actually know who specifically, I guess I want to know how the hunters got together/where they’re from. I know Cabot’s the leader of the crew, but who are his first recruits? And I hear mentions about other planets in some dialogue but I’ve only read about Shear so far.


Awsome! I look forward to your completed lore megathread.


The first person to join his crew for the Shear mission was Bucket. He was his partner when Cabot was a marshal (basically a space cop).

The second was Parnell I believe. This was almost immediately after The Sword incident.

The third was Abe, who was Parnell’s best friend.

Then it was Griffin Hallsey.

Then it was Hyde (I think).

Then it was Val (I think).

And that’s about all I know about the sequential order.

Two more planets (as far as we know) were sacked by monsters, and one star ship. Maggie was on one of these two planets. The planet was called Factor, and it was destroyed by two monster breeds: Behemoths, and Hosts.

The second was called Chapel. All we know is that it was relatively small, and only took one monster to destroy it. It’s speculated that this monster was a Gorgon.

Finally, we have The Ajax. It was Torvald’s Ebonstar ship that was destroyed. They were transporting a monster that broke free, killing everyone and GREATLY injuring Torvald.

Matthew said that the monsters have destroyed MANY more places. They just haven’t been mentioned.


I have a few other Evolve based projects going on right now, so it’s slow moving getting it done. However, I’m going in sequential order of characters, starting through each tier. I’m bridging from Medic (so starting at Val) to Assault (ending at Lennox). This means I’m going in Medic, Support, Trapper, Assault order.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I’m currently on Griffin.


Val counted herself as the 9th member, but only if she included Bucket.

Hyde was before her. It’s in her story. That leaves 2 more members.

Source: that was my megathread


I’m including Bucket in that. So it went Cabot (1), Bucket (2), Parnell (3), Abe (4), and then Griffin (5). Then it POSSIBLY could’ve been Hyde, but there are two other candidates it could’ve been. After Hyde and the other two, it was Val.

Did I get all that right?


It goes:

Cabot & Bucket
Caira - since Griff is with them when she is with the floating “whales”

Hyde + another



Oh yeahhhhhh. I forgot about Caira’s story.