Learn To Fly 3 Is Out Now!


There is the link to the game

People who haven’t played it:

Your a penguin mad at a dodo bird trying to fly

People who have:

I am excited for this game!


I’m sad to say how much time I spend on the site. I hit max level a long time ago and probably have 80+% of all achievements ever done.


Learn to fly was basically my entire childhood xD. Love it to see there still new parts. Gonna play the crap out of it for sure! :grin:


There is a max level?!

I am a level 8?!


I’ve beaten it…I going to beat it again and then again when achievements come out


Ya, lvl 65.





Ooh I love this series! Will check out later.


I’ve got to say, it’s a bit different. I just hope there is some kind of über upgrades, just like the omega guide from 2


Definitely different but there is no Omega book

BUT you can over power them if you get the BP upgrade


Ech, that’s to nbad then. But eh, it’s something at the very least


I don’t like kongregate at all. I prefer to play learn to fly 3 on http://learntofly-3.com/


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