Learn to fight Wraith before QQ


As a Wraith I find it very hard to fight when players fly right above me or constantly change elevation. Players who give into impulse and run away in a straight line are easy picking. Just wait for jetpack to go low and gg for that hunter.

Assault needs to find a good spot to effectively unleash damage. There is no point attacking if you are in a poor position and cannot relocate to continue dealing damage if your team line of sights you or you are targeted. If you are running away then you are not dealing damage. When I jump over a Wraith onto higher elevation it really pisses them off.

It may be helpful if you manage your fuel consumption properly vs a Wraith so you can get the counter to supernova.

Dodging Warp Blast is quite easy since it halts on any type of terrain.

Positioning your self to be in line of sight to your team is vital because if you are alone around a corner then you might as well put your controller/keyboard down.

Just some thoughts anyway.


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