Leap smash - pounce Wow


Goliath is so good when he uses that

This gave the monster an absolute advantage over hunters

I thought Goliath was not that good compared with kraken … But when you use this strategy … it is a huge advantage in this game … Because it will deal free damage until other abilities comes from the cool down - and might show cloak hunters

It’s so satisfying as well … when the targeted hunter can’t move and you have a full control … Goliath feels quicker … This is why high players go with movement speed … it proves that movement speed is viable if you use this style

What do you guys think about it ?? Do you use this strategy ?? Does it help finishing off the team ??

How does it work : use the leap smash … the moment you hit the ground … sneak and hit

It’s a massive advantage … why some players still question Goliath strength ?? Aside from sunny (will be nerfed )

-2 strongest monster after kraken

  • best mitigated monster
  • can gained the longest distance
  • not difficult to get a stage 3 with full health

The only thing that needs to be fixed is leap smash disturbed by the objects


Is English not your first language? Just curious. I haven’t played Evolve for a bit, so I don’t really know anything about people doing this. If a hunter is staying ponder though, that’s your teams fault for not shooting you off.
Edit: Corrected title to pounce if that’s ok.


fixed a typo in your title :wink:

as for the strategy, what do you mean? You mean, leap smash and immediately pounce a hunter?


You guys were soooo late on that fix.

Anyway, I’m slightly confused on what you’re trying to say. Mind explaining it.


Watttt. What are you talking about? It was pounse when I came here. :confused:


You corrected it, and then LMK changed “pounce” back to “pounse”.


Then pounce was changed to pounce.


As Goliath, you can use any ability much quicker after a leap smash.

You probably all know about the quick rock throw after a leap smash. It’s the same for every other ability, too.
Leap smash into charge
Leap smash into traversal
Leap smash into sneak pounce

It’s very common among good Goliath players.

I would like this bug or whatever it is to be fixed, but on the other hand this would have a quite significant impact on balance, so I think it’s better to just leave it how it is.


Leap Smash > Pounce > Charge is a good combo.

But it still doesn’t beat the famous Leap Smash > Rock Throw, which has been known since forever.


Yes for sure but the rock after leap doesn’t always hit … It takes more time and it could be dodged

pounce after leap smash can’t be dodged because the hunter is still in the knockback effect and doesn’t have any control over it


From what I remember, they said on a stream that it will be left in as intended. It’s quite a big part of being able to combo, and removing it would affect balance quite a lot, like you said.


I see nothing wrong with the leap smash > pounce combo. There should always be other hunters around to shoot the monster off - if not, then the hunters need to be more coordinated. Many high level monsters argue they need sneak pounce to win games.


this leap smash pounce you speak of cant be done ive tried so many times


I’ve never speven seen a leap smsh into a pounce before. Ever!.

That is pretty cool, always finding new combos till the day.


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