Leap Smash- Pls Fix


Leap Smash has progressively gotten more and more useless as more and more bugs start popping up.

  1. Character model doesn’t move, place where I was aiming erupts.

  2. Goes through entire leap, lands…nothing happens…0 registration.

  3. You see that invisible bug that apparently has the power to stop a flying Goliath? Yeah, lets just hit that and smash against an invisible wall.

Add these onto the Rock Throw exploding in a hunters face and doing 0 damage, and the Fire Breath that doesn’t breathe fire, and you got yourself a recipe for disaster.

Anyone else getting totally fudged over, or is it just me?

Any fixes coming for Goliath's glitchy abilities?

Invisible walls are evil.


Like dis?


Exactly, it hurts because it doesn’t hurt ;-;


Leap smash is too slow and avoided 24/7 by hunters anyway.


Not if you use it right, and when I do, really sucks that it doesn’t work >_>


Lag maybe? Just a thought.


Damn, I haven’t seen that but it looks like it sucks donkey balls


Normally I’d chalk it up to lag, but when it happens in solo?


It’s pretty common. Reg isn’t too great in this game.

Just like in this video:


Quirky know what he is talking about. I’m a Goliath main myself and you always need atleast a single point in leap smash. Atleast.

It’s extremely annoying, especially against Caira, because one missed attack(or not registrated in this case) and the hunter is healed back to full. It have a near 50-50 chance of not registrating if you are harpooned mid leap, even if it’s Griffin himself you are aiming at. During the Griffin weekend challenge it was a soul crushing amount of kills I was denied VS Hank and Caira teams. Many manly tears were shed that weekend.



then you sir have got yourself a bug



The music ^^


In your second video like 5 times you hit him it didn’t count, so does that persons internet connection play into that at all?


At no point in time did I see a “Network connection yadda yadda” message pop up telling me there was someone lagging. I’m pretty confident we all had full bars.


This happens all the time. It does need a fix.


Hit detection on Leap Smash has always been fairly off. The rest of Goliath’s abilities are better though.

I prefer Charge anyways :smiley_cat:


A lot of things aren’t registering and I wonder if they are latency based.

Most of mine are assault based since its my main:
Hyde’s weapons not shooting for 2-3 seconds when switched to.
SS cooldown activating but with no buff and no health loss.
Shield Icon highlighting health but still take damage.


I avoid leap smash entirely. I don’t understand how people can use this effectively with the mentioned bugs, the slow execution, and how easy it is for the hunters to dodge (nothing like a visual cue the size of a car.) Charge occasionally has registration problems as well, but I find it much more consistent compared to leap smash and much less frustrating.