Leap bounce bust


This leap pounce being interrupted by a singled out hunter, such as markov, is getting pretty annoying. I hit stage 3 as wraith, and threw down a pretty nasty full range abduct on markov. I decided to just leap pounce, and save my cd’s for the rest of the team that was on the way, with laz, but the markov was able to keep shutting down my leap pounce by spamming that electric gun. I got aggravated so i bounced, but almost immediately started another encounter. It was a very coordinated group of 4 friends, so it was a good fight, and i got dropped to 1 bar of hp. All that was left was me and a full hp markov with a shield and 5 mines around him. Keep in mind, I don’t have decoy, because it is ridiculously overpowered and scrubs use it. I was able to pull off an abduct as he barely peaked the corner, and get rid of his mines in the process, but it dropped to half a bar. I leap pounced him for the game, but it was interrupted, leaped again, interrupted, leap, interrupt, leap, interrupt, and death. I lose!! It was the only option with 30 seconds til dropship, and he still had a shield and i had half a bar. I couldnt sustain constant damage while popping supernova and risk him dropping mines. I can understand lingering effects to dismay a leap pounce, such as toxic grenades, napalm grenades, or orbital strikes on a lone hunter, but the electric gun is a straight damage dealer with no DOT, and should not be interrupting a pounce. That’s all I have to say. That, and increase jetpack fuel capacity, decrease decoy duration 20%, increase decoy cooldown 15%, tone down the damage on decoy, give caira the ability to res with grenades without spending 2-3 clips and 20 seconds, and maybe just maybe give val the ability to have a current of health streaming back to her from another player to make a circuit or “chain” heal effect. So people will actually play her, and not get smashed on so bad when they do. It’s basically putting a bullseye on your back with a giant green stream of health, and basically saying, “I’m obviously val witg a giant stream of health, I have one self heal ability and no get away method so come smash on me!” These are all just suggestions, and my thoughts. So, please don’t take this to literal. I love this game, and will support every piece of DLC this game ever has to offer. Hope it stays popular for years to come! Warrelly on ps4 if anyone ever wants to pair up! Thanks again TRS and 2K for this amazing game!


The Lightning Gun does a constant stream of damage- there is a moment, as you pounce, where damage cancels the pounce. Since he just held down the trigger on the lightning gun, he kept hitting you in this momemt, cancelling your pounces.

Just use your abilities next time around.


Holy wall of text batman!