League system for evolve


I would love if evolve had a league system to separate the good and bad players of the community this would mean better and closer games and would make people think twice before they rage quit from the game because they would lose league points. IMO league of legends success is all down to its ranked leagues making people play more to get into better leagues and making the experience more fun because the games are close.

If you feel the same way show this support or if you have a better idea leave it below thanks.


The devs have talked about a ranked system. They’re actually working on something atm for a ranked ladder.


I don’t play League of Legends.
How’s the league system different from Evolve’s ranking one?


There is no way for him to know since TRS hasn’t released anything about ‘ranked’ yet, they only confirmed it


It uses the ELO system

ELO Rating System(Wiki)


Hehe i’ve been the only one here spamming about a ranked system.Don’t worry i’ve left a post to every thread about it.Some could say i’ve become annoying because of it but still,my job is done :slight_smile:

There are already talks about a rank system just not when the game launches.We will eventually have one but we can’t know if it will be a similar to LoL or a similar to HoN or similar to Dota.

Plus remember here its more than solo/party.There are solo hunters,Duo or 3 party hunters,Full parties,Monsters.Ranked system will be a bitch but i am confident


Squirell has talked about them working on it on stream.


Yes, but they haven’t released any details of it yet
There are alot of different ways to make ranked leagues/ladders happen, so we’re just gonna have to be patient untill release I guess


Really wouldn’t be a ranked system if it didn’t have a ladder type of system :stuck_out_tongue:


This is good to know thanks for the replys


Very curious as to how it would work.


I was thinking about having a monster ladder and a hunter ladder containing 5 leagues each and the matchmaking would match a monster in the same league as the hunters so some of the best monster players in the world would play the best hunters.


Actually Lukezz has a pretty good point, the devs are thinking/working on ranked and unranked play. Having Leagues and skill categories is a really good suggestion. Would put a much stronger feel on skill level.


Thanks means alot


i dont think a elo system like league will fit into evolve. it only makes the game more frustating if people start to leave and rage just becuase they lost some points because of a dumb / bad player, one of the reasons why i quited league


Ranked Leagues could be quite simple, just make it so that when you enter a game you have the option to choose whether or not you want to be ranked on that occasion. Means everybody has a choice, plus it should be visible to all within the group so that they know your circumstances too.


Yeah that’s true but people rage in all ranked matches no matter what game


Will that make any real difference? From what i’ve seen and encountered so far, if a Bot takes over they do pretty damn well!


I haven’t played the game yet so i don’t know how good the bots are but that could be viable if someone did leave


Ahhhh I see, unless the gameplay changes significantly between the Beta and release version then trust me when I say, “The bots WON’T let you down!”